My Writing Journey – Post #4 “User Unknown”

Not much of an introduction for this piece, I wrote this on my lunch break today at work after reading something on Wattpad – do any of my followers use Wattpad? I’m thinking about using it but I’d like to know what kind of community it is first. So here’s my writing piece for today,… Read More My Writing Journey – Post #4 “User Unknown”

My Writing Journey – Post #3 “Angel in the Bathtub”

This piece of writing is something very special to me and that’s mostly because I became quite attached to the characters while writing it and it’s one of the very few, rare short stories I’ve actually written to completion.

My Writing Journey – Post #2 “Aura”

In my previous post I talked about my writing and how I would be posting excerpts from my writing over the years. These excerpts are rough, draft versions at best and many of these short stories were written on the fly most days as an idea came into my head and amused me enough to… Read More My Writing Journey – Post #2 “Aura”

My Writing Journey – Post #1 Introduction

So I kinda just stumbled on this idea a minute ago and I just have to write about it because I think this might be a lot of fun (well mostly for me, I don’t know how my readers will think but hopefully, fun for everyone).