The Best

I wouldn’t call this “Flash fiction” but it came at me as I was reading about writing flash fiction so I decided to post it.

You told me I was the best. You said this to me many times. You told me I could compete against bigger, tougher opponents. You made me think that you cared. So when I said I wasn’t ready, what did you do? You told me to get the hell out and go home because you only wanted winners in your team.

Thank You, Dad.


With eyes bluer than the sky, a burning, vibrant determination still lingers there
She sits and whispers to herself
The sun shining in through the window, leaving a trail of light upon her aged yet beautiful skin
I am of you, for you, with you
I am forever yours

The one really good thing about writing for yourself…

I’ve worked as a freelance journalist and blogger and I can honestly say that there is nothing more valuable than the freedom to write what you feel. When you’re writing for someone else to pay the bills, the writing, even though it’s yours, it really isn’t. You have to be objective,  you have to deal with facts not feelings. That’s just how the cookie crumbles if you’re writing for a pay cheque. I am sure there are multitudes of blogs online where the author claims they are writing for themselves but if they’re on someone else’s payroll, they’ll have limits and guidelines they won’t be allowed to push. That is definitely NOT the same as writing what you want when you want. Continue reading → The one really good thing about writing for yourself…

The Christmas “Spirit”…

I don’t remember the last time I had an actual “proper” Christmas where there was a tree and presents and lots of people came around. My family has never really been the “get into the Christmas spirit” type of family. I blame this entirely on my Dad (RIP) who told us once that “Christmas was just another huge marketing ploy to suck people into spending money on crap they don’t need or with money they don’t have.” To be fair, he’s kinda right about that. The biggest retail time of the year (next to Black Friday) in my country is Christmas time. Everyone wants to get that last minute present they forgot, everyone wants to prove how much they love their family by getting them the perfect gift(s). Just like valentines day, I don’t buy gifts for my partner and he doesn’t buy gifts for me. We buy gifts for everyone else. I like to make other people happy. I don’t need a gift from the person I love the most to prove anything. We buy things all year round that we want, Christmas and Valentines Day are just another day on the calendar. Continue reading → The Christmas “Spirit”…

My Writing Journey – Post #7 “The Four”

I haven’t posted one of these in a while so it feels like an update is needed. I don’t recall where the idea for this story came from. It was written in 2014 and I don’t remember much about writing it other than I knew I wanted to write something dark about a grieving woman and a group of strangers who arrive in this town in the middle of nowhere and cause all sorts of havoc. Continue reading → My Writing Journey – Post #7 “The Four”

My Writing Journey – Post #6 “The Devil’s Own”

Carrying on from my writing journey posts, here is another snippet from one of my short stories called “The Devil’s Own”. The only thing I can remember from writing this story is that I was going through a ‘Charlie Hunnam’ phase on Tumblr (I know, ridiculous, my phases and fandoms seem to change often) and this was written with him in mind as the main character David. I dunno if that makes it harder or easier for the reader but it certainly helped me to visualise what I was trying to convey in my writing.

To set the scene, this short story was written in a fictional town in the USA and set in and around the same time as my other short “Angel in the Bathtub” so around the early 1800s.

Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading → My Writing Journey – Post #6 “The Devil’s Own”

Star Wars Post – two more edits and motion art

I’ve been making things inbetween thinking about my fanfic, so far the thinking part is fine but it’s the writing down and fleshing out the ideas part that isn’t. So I’ve decided to keep things focused on Star Wars imagery to help me visualise what I need to write. The good news is I have a two week holiday coming up like most people do for the holidays, so I’ve decided that will be the best time for me to create the rest of the plot for my fanfic. I need to decide if the story is worth picking up from what I’ve already written OR if it will just be easier for me to write a brand new fic with maybe a few ideas taken from the original. Being a sporadic writer, it’s a bigger challenge for me to actually write. I struggle when I don’t feel inspired and even though many famous writers say that this is the most crucial time to write, I fail at doing this. If I don’t feel it, I can’t fake my way through creating a character or a scene. It’s not that I am not dedicated enough, it’s that I just can’t force creativity when there’s nothing to create with or from in the first place. Continue reading → Star Wars Post – two more edits and motion art