Have you ever just wandered about a book you once read, perhaps in your childhood, and you suddenly find yourself connecting with that author again? It’s quite a surreal experience. It’s happening to me right now – the book is The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier and I’ve decided that I am going to try and read as many of his books as I can for the 2019 new year Goodreads book challenge. I’m going to start now though because I promised myself I would try and read more (not as a new year’s resolution, just in general).


My words engulf me in an endless feeling of surrender and release
As I weave my words into life, the veil is lifted and the light begins to shine
So proud am I to know that these words will forever be mine

My words are my shield, ready for the eyes of the world
Within them, I place my heart, and my soul so tread lightly, friend
For these words are my journey revealed to you from beginning to end


So I kinda just stumbled on this idea a minute ago and I just have to write about it because I think this might be a lot of fun (well mostly for me, I don’t know how my readers will think but hopefully, fun for everyone).

I haven’t posted about work because I am becoming a little paranoid that someone might read what I’m writing. So I’ve been keeping things to myself and I don’t like it. I actually think the stress of it all has given me more migraines lately.