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Star Wars Line and Silhouette Art – Rey

Yesterday I made a quick note saying that I had to spend some time creating my companion piece for this Kylo Ren art. I did spend an hour or so going over something I had put together with unexpected results. As I was unable to completely duplicate what I had created with the original Kylo Ren image, I pretty much did what I always do in Photoshop and that is go with the flow!

I came up with these two images and it’s not that often that I like what I create because I am such a fussy person when it comes to stuff I make. But I actually liked these two images:

Using a similar process to the Kylo Ren art, I created this image first:

Made by Darkside Creative

And then I played around a little more and came up with this one which is using a silhouette rather than the “line art” effect:

Made by Darkside Creative

Blue will forever be Rey’s colour plus I think it suits her because it’s the colour of the Resistance!

I spent time looking for the original tutorial that I partially used to create the line art effect and I couldn’t find it – even in my browser history for some reason it had disappeared! So, I tried looking for a photoshop action to replicate the effect. I managed to find a free one but when I used it, I didn’t like the result at all so I ditched it and just made my own.

You can create these image effects in photoshop with photoshop actions. Actions are good for a few reasons; one is if you’re not that proficient with Photoshop, you can use actions to create the same effects (which is cool). Or, if you’re really stuck for time and need something done fast, photoshop actions are brilliant for saving time. But as I have found over the years, not all photoshop actions will turn out the way you expect and in that situation, it pays to just do your own thing.

So if anyone wants to know how I made these images, feel free to drop me a line and I will do my best to help you out. Or if you’re keen to check out the photoshop action I downloaded for free, you can do that right here. See if you like the end result and do let me know if you use it in any of your own art as I’d be keen to feature it on this blog!

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Line Art Continued – Rey

So yesterday I posted some art that I made which I really enjoyed creating so I’ve started a companion piece for the Kylo Ren one for Rey. But as I mentioned, I can’t actually remember how I created that image 🤣 so I am having to spend some time inside Photoshop (which I love doing) to recreate that effect

I think I am almost there, I am just trying to figure out colours and background image for the piece. I have the one I want to use but so far nothing seems to sit right.

So I am having to play around with the settings a fair bit in PS and it’s taking time to do that so I won’t have anything finished until the end of the week (most likely).

I wanted to just drop in and say hi to everyone and I hope you are all staying safe and happy and productive at home! Please do drop me a line any time if you want to chat, my virtual door is always open 🙂

Catch you in tomorrow’s post or in the comments friends! I might have the image completed by tomorrow but yeah, that’s a might at this stage 🙂

Adobe Adobe Photoshop art Star Wars

Motion Art Update

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been uploading motion art lately. There’s no particular reason really, I have just switched my focus to writing more than creating Star Wars art. I have two other blogs that I maintain regularly so that takes up a fair bit of my spare time now. But I have been making motion art which I’m uploading today for everyone to check out.

Nothing fancy, just a few images from Star Wars Battlefront II –

Hello, there

Remember this image I made using this Photoshop tutorial? I decided to animate it and thought it looked pretty nice 🙂

Made by Darkside Creative

And an animation request I received on Pinterest to animate this Grim Reaper image (although it doesn’t really look like a Grim Reaper to me – more like a Death Knight or even a Nazgul as he is holding a sword)

Animated by Darkside Creative

There are a few more pieces but I’ll upload those at a later date. For now, enjoy the art and let me know what you think in the comments!

Stay safe out there everyone and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s Pick Me Up Friday’s Post!

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Adobe Adobe Photoshop

Turn That Frown Upside Down in Adobe Photoshop!

So when I had five whole hours to spare during my internet outage, I decided to put that time to good use and focused on creating something. I was inspired by this image on Pinterest:

Via Pinterest

I went into Photoshop and just started with a blank image then remembered that there were some beautiful watercolour images in Photoshop. They come free with the software so I decided to use one of them and came up with this:

Made by Darkside Creative

And of course, me being me, I wanted it to be all pretty and colourful so made this GIF to go along with it:

Made by Darkside Creative

Please feel free to spread the positivity on social media or anywhere you like – I’ve watermarked the images so hopefully, that’ll deter people from “stealing” it.

It’s a simple graphic with an important message – Believe in Yourself! And always Be You! I came up with another idea as I was typing this for another graphic I might do tomorrow so watch this space!

Get into any creative projects yourself lately? Feel like sharing? Hit me up in the comments so we can chin-wag about art or anything you’d like!

Stay safe out there friends! And as always, I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post or in the comments.

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Adobe Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop For Beginners – Rectangle and Elliptical Marquee Tool

It’s been some time since I revisited this course but I’m determined to complete it. I’ve even had some really nice feedback about this course and helped someone locate source files so they could do the course themselves!

So I feel re-inspired to continue on with this course and get back to doing a lot more Adobe content mixed in with my Star Wars posts, of course!

When we left this course we had just completed Resizing and Resolution which you can find here.

Today we’ll be learning with the Rectangle and Elliptical Marquee tools. Some of the tools in Photoshop have strange names you may not be familiar with. But don’t worry, this course is designed specifically for anyone who isn’t at all familiar with Photoshop.

In this short video, Daniel the tutor takes you through selecting from images using both the Elliptical and Rectangle Marquee tools. Using the source files, you will take the first image of a coffee cup and integrate that with part of the other image of space so it will look like space in a coffee cup.

Your final image should look like this:

Created by Darkside Creative

Check out the video of this part of the course right here

As always, keep safe out there and keep creating and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post!

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