Question of the Day #3 – Writing Prompt

I’m really enjoying these questions as writing prompts. I actually think it’s really helping with my writing. So, onward with the next question (please feel free to comment on any of my questions)

Question of the Day – Do you follow or believe in any faith or religion?

***This post is not judging anyone for supporting or practising any particular faith. This is merely MY opinion, nothing more***

I was brought up a Catholic. My parents were different denominations, my father was a Presbyterian and my mother, a (non-practising) Roman Catholic. My mother was a devout Catholic when she lived in Germany and Holland. When she came to New Zealand, I think she found it harder to practice her faith and kind of let it go by the wayside after she met my dad. I don’t know if it was because of my dad or why she really let it go. I barely remember us going to church when I was a kid, we went a few times, but my Mum found it too hard and too emotional, so we stopped going. I remember going to Sunday school. I distinctly remember one thing from that period as a child, and that was that “if your cheeks went red when someone asked you a question, it meant you were lying”… that’s what I remember! Isn’t that the oddest thing? For some reason, it makes me smile because for the longest time growing up, I still thought that was actually true! I mean my Sunday school teacher would never lie, right? Continue reading → Question of the Day #3 – Writing Prompt