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How Do You Feel About Rey Taking the Skywalker Name?

I’d like to tie-in content from the blog with content I am uploading to Instagram to make things more “seamless” from one platform to the other. But Instagram is not really the place to have an in-depth discussion about a topic as it’s primarily a visual platform. Which is why I want to do this here so I’m testing the waters to see how things go.

I blogged about this on IG yesterday and received a few replies but I’m really keen to know what my readers here think about this particular part of the final trilogy.

Do you agree with the ending for TRoS that Rey deserved to become a Skywalker? Do you think she did enough to earn that right? Or do you think the writing about this was sloppy and simply silly and that Rey shouldn’t be a Skywalker?

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Personally, I am torn over this. A big part of me doesn’t agree that the trilogy should have ended this way because Rey was never a Skywalker. There is also the fact that Rey was a Palpatine, even if she denied that blood-tie to Darth Sidious. It’s still canon that she had her power primarily because of her bloodline.

That said, however, Rey did overcome a terrible and lonely existence on Jakku and never had a family to truly belong to. She also chose to pursue the light side of the Force even though she was tempted several times including Kylo Ren’s pursuit of her as his partner in darkness. As a character, this shows a lot of strength and resilience which I admire. It’s the same trait that led me to admire Luke as a Jedi.

And here’s a little GIF I made for IG the other day:

Made by Darkside Creative

So let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on Rey becoming a Skywalker!

Stay safe, keep creating and I’ll catch you in the next post or in the comments 🙂

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