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Who Could Portray Thrawn in The Star Wars Cinematic Universe?

There’s yet another huge rumour currently doing the rounds on social media about a big POSSIBLE contender for the role of Thrawn in the Star Wars cinematic universe.

I discussed this a while back in this post, and this very well-known Avenger’s actor was not mentioned then. But this rumour is now getting traction online, so I wanted to discuss it with my friends.

What would you say if RDJ was considered for the role of Thrawn? I know some people love him and others not so much (yes, I have friends that really don’t like Robert Downey Jr. as a person or an actor lol!) but he’s a talent not to be ignored. He has been very successful as Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. And his popularity in that role, and within the Marvel franchise is worth a lot of cash in the movie business. He’s a very bankable name much like Michael Fassbender.

He’s got the star power to catapult the character of Thrawn to great heights, he can act (although I wouldn’t refer to his role as Tony Stark the best example of this), and I think he has the right type of attitude for the character of Thrawn. There are similarities between Tony Stark and Thrawn in that they are both intellectuals capable of influencing a losing battle into a win. They are strategic thinkers and masterful manipulators (don’t think Tony Stark did much manipulating in his role? Just look at how he influenced Peter Parker).

I think there could be some support in the franchise for Robert Downey Jr., and we know that social media is a great tool for anyone wanting to voice their opinion and make it matter. RDJ supporters may very well be the ones who do. Of course, this is only pure speculation – and I will always advise otherwise in my posts. But this is a Star Wars blog, and this is where I love to speculate!


According to several different sources, RDJ has been in talks with Favreau about a Star Wars project that isn’t Thrawn! Again, treat this as pure speculation until it’s officially announced by Lucasfilm or Disney.

Here’s the tweet:

via Twitter

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are as I am excited to discuss this with my readers and fellow Star Wars fans!

Stay safe out there, keep creating and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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