My Writing Journey – Post #7 “The Four”

I haven’t posted one of these in a while so it feels like an update is needed. I don’t recall where the idea for this story came from. It was written in 2014 and I don’t remember much about writing it other than I knew I wanted to write something dark about a grieving woman and a group of strangers who arrive in this town in the middle of nowhere and cause all sorts of havoc. Continue reading → My Writing Journey – Post #7 “The Four”

My Writing Journey – Post #6 “The Devil’s Own”

Carrying on from my writing journey posts, here is another snippet from one of my short stories called “The Devil’s Own”. The only thing I can remember from writing this story is that I was going through a ‘Charlie Hunnam’ phase on Tumblr (I know, ridiculous, my phases and fandoms seem to change often) and this was written with him in mind as the main character David. I dunno if that makes it harder or easier for the reader but it certainly helped me to visualise what I was trying to convey in my writing.

To set the scene, this short story was written in a fictional town in the USA and set in and around the same time as my other short “Angel in the Bathtub” so around the early 1800s.

Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading → My Writing Journey – Post #6 “The Devil’s Own”

My Writing Journey – Post #4 “User Unknown”

Not much of an introduction for this piece, I wrote this on my lunch break today at work after reading something on Wattpad – do any of my followers use Wattpad? I’m thinking about using it but I’d like to know what kind of community it is first.

So here’s my writing piece for today, I felt very inspired at lunch time 🙂 Continue reading → My Writing Journey – Post #4 “User Unknown”

My Writing Journey – Post #3 “Angel in the Bathtub”

This piece of writing is something very special to me and that’s mostly because I became quite attached to the characters while writing it and it’s one of the very few, rare short stories I’ve actually written to completion. Continue reading → My Writing Journey – Post #3 “Angel in the Bathtub”

My Writing Journey – Post #2 “Aura”

In my previous post I talked about my writing and how I would be posting excerpts from my writing over the years. These excerpts are rough, draft versions at best and many of these short stories were written on the fly most days as an idea came into my head and amused me enough to make it into something else. I have never published any of this writing anywhere else so there is that, too. Continue reading → My Writing Journey – Post #2 “Aura”