Star Wars Post – Darth Maul by Rod Reis

I’m on a mission to try and animate something every other day. Some of the better posts I’ve posted on Pinterest and Instagram are animated motion art. I’m still going to be picky with what I animate (because not every image created looks good with animation) but I want to try and do more of this because I really enjoy it.

Here’s my first comic cover animation – the textless version of Rod Reis’ Darth Maul cover art – I had real fun with this one 🙂


Star Wars Post – Darth Vader – “Sith” animated art

I felt very much in the mood to animate something today and get my mind off other things. So here’s a lovely little animation I did and no idea who the artist is (I always try to find the artist with a google search but came up empty).

The artist is Ted Mininni 🙂

Enjoy 🙂


The Galactic Empire and its symbolism


I’ve been looking for more generic Star Wars art to turn into plotagraphs/GIFs and I found this symbol on my travels across the internet and figured this would be a good place to start. Continue reading → The Galactic Empire and its symbolism