Status Update – Social Media and Grammarly

I haven’t done a social media update in a long time, too long, in fact. I was hoping to keep this up regularly but now that I’m reading a lot more and reviewing I find that I have a lot less time to dedicate to these types of posts. I do think it’s important to remind yourself of your successes. It is all too easy to remind yourself of your failures which is why I try to keep focused on the positive (I am one of those people that can easily get bogged down by the feeling of failure). I suggest that everyone does this every now and then to keep your “eyes on the prize” or your goals relevant so-to-speak.

I actually broke a significant milestone on Pinterest that I’ve never done before – I’ve remained at 1 million unique views for more than a month and broke that this week – 1.1 million unique views from the 22nd of October to the 22nd of November. Out of those views, I have a total engaged audience of 80.25 thousand so roughly 20k Pinterest users a week engaging with my content. I actually work quite hard on my Pinterest content, and I am pleased to see it growing. I just need to somehow get that happening here on WordPress 😁

Previous monthly stats were taken way back in June!

JUNE 22 TO JULY 22 2019.png

My current stats as at 22/11/2019:

Annotation 2019-11-24 105552.png

As you can see, the stats have improved a fair bit in four months, but I can still see areas where I can continue to grow. In my total followers, I had 579 in June, and that’s increased to 1,356 followers, so I have more than doubled my follower count from June this year.

I haven’t blogged about Grammarly stats before, but I do think as a writer, it’s essential to take note of how far you’ve progressed, no matter how small. Even the smallest of improvements is still an improvement, and it is still one step closer to becoming better at what you do, right?

So here are my latest Grammarly stats. I thought about moving these posts to my writing blog (where they would be a lot more relevant), but this is my place to blog about all things, not just writing so I’ll continue to post these updates here:

Annotation 2019-11-24 105552Annotation 2019-11-24 105551Annotation 2019-11-24 105442

I wonder if any of my followers do the same? Do you regularly keep track of progress on your goals? As a writer, do you keep track of how many words you are writing in a week or a month? Why or why not? I’d love to hear how you keep your goals in check and relevant. 😄😁

“Someone just logged into your Pinterest Account, if it wasn’t you”…

I get emails like this every now and then. I would say most people get emails like this, perhaps more than every now and then but this is the first time I’ve had someone try to hack into my unused Pinterest account.

My other blog (where I am no longer active) is an Online Security blog aimed at every day people who are security conscious. I haven’t blogged there in a while because I kind of lost interest after some crap that happened last year yadda yadda yadda and here we are. So internet security, online safety, these are topics that used to be quite close to my heart. For those of you that don’t already know, I work in the IT field for a large service provider in my country so yeah, I’m a bit of a (proud) computer nerd 🤓

Everything’s fine with the Pinterest account, I just logged into it and changed the password and added 2FA so it should be sweet. It pays to be diligent even with unused accounts – particularly with unused accounts because you often forget about them and usually, neglect them which makes them easier targets for hackers.

Today’s announcement is brought to you by the number 2 and the letters F and A 😅

Pinterest Update #8 Still Trending Up

Keeping up the trend from my last Pinterest update, things are still moving upward in some areas of my Pinterest analytics and I’m still gaining followers and viewers:



The growth is small but still growth so I’ll take it 😃 Continue reading → Pinterest Update #8 Still Trending Up

Pinterest Update #7 I finally did it, friends! 1 Million Unique Monthly Viewers!

As the title of my post suggests, I woke up this morning and going through my usual updates on social media, Pinterest put a goofy grin on my face:


Of course, this can be obtained other ways too like through using photoshop 😂😂🤣 but why would anyone do that (and they do, some people on the internet are strange). Here’s my Pinterest link if you want to check out my account and in particular, my Star Wars board (which has been the most popular board for some time).



Followers went up a teeny wee bit as well, which is awesome!



And the new metric I introduced last week is tracking nicely too


Being Pinterest, these figures are likely to change and may drop quite drastically so my new challenge it so try and keep the figures up as much as possible and see how well I can progress. My next soft goal for now is 1.25 Million unique viewers and I’d like to get my followers to 800 and engaged audience up to 200K. Let’s see if my content can intice even more viewers 😁

Til next time, friends!




Pinterest Update #6 – Moving on up once more!

If you’ve been following my Pinterest posts and updates, you’ll know that the world of social media and in particular, Pinterest, can be very up and down. When I first started using Pinterest, I was not a very dedicated pinner. It took some time for me to realise just how useful Pinterest is and in particular, how good Pinterest is at generating interest in what you do. I use Pinterest primarily for collecting images of the areas I focus on such as Writing, Film, Graphic Design and Star Wars. Since 2017 I have collected over 20,000 images on my Star Wars board alone and more than 50,000 images in total.

My last update shared the following stats from Pinterest:


And on the follower side of things:


These are my current stats as of today 28/05/2019: Continue reading → Pinterest Update #6 – Moving on up once more!

Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 4

Hi again, friends! After several weeks of testing the Instagram Algorithm, I’m really no closer to discovering the best process for gaining likes and followers on Instagram. I took some time to look at some of the people I followed on Instagram and decided to ask them what their secret was for getting so many likes on their Instagram posts. One account in particular has half the followers I do but when he posts, he manages to get thousands of likes on his posts. So I asked him what it is that he does to gain so much interest in his posts and he told me that he spent time “testing” different hashtags and came up with a diverse list of hashtags that he uses on all of his posts. He said it took him some time to get there, but now all of his posts get thousands of likes no matter what he posts. Continue reading → Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 4

@social media – Do you ever wonder why mutuals unfollow you?

On a superficial level, I do wonder about this every now and then, but I don’t obsess over it. People have reasons and sometimes that’s not worth worrying about.

But if it’s a mutual and I’ve been mutuals for a while, and they just unfollow me, it hurts temporarily. And then I remember how awesome I am and my melancholy session comes to an end 😁😂