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@social media – This made me proud to be a Kiwi

“New Zealand banned semi-automatic rifles less than 24 hours after the New Zealand mosque shooting. They addressed the horror guns create and decided to choose their public’s safety. America, take notes”…


@social media – It’s all about that hashtag!

Ah, fandoms. You gotta love ’em, and this post is definitely all about a fandom thing I see happening regularly. Star Wars fans will post images, GIFs or whatever and tag them as either “Anakin” or “Darth Vader”. Technically, there’d be grounds to argue that Anakin is Darth Vader, and Darth Vader is Anakin because they are the same person. But for the sake of those that like to see the separate content, Anakin fangirls (me) and Darth Vader fans everywhere (also me), there are unique points in the Star Wars Universe timeline where Darth Vader is definitely “dark side” and evil, and Anakin was obviously not walking around in a black suit of heavy armour breathing through a respirator. Continue reading → @social media – It’s all about that hashtag!

QotD – Blogger to Blogger: What’s most important, followers or interaction?

I thought this would be a cool idea for the Question of the Day segment where I ask blogger to blogger questions.

As a blogger, different things motivate and drive us to write and blog. So i thought I’d ask a few questions about the blogging process to my fellow bloggers 😊

What is most important to you about blogging in general between reader interaction and followers? Is it most important to you to have less followers but regular interaction? Or is it more important for you to see that follower tally increase?

Personally, I prefer a little of both but if I had to choose I prefer to have interaction with my readers over a huge following.

I mean there is nothing wrong with wanting more followers at all and I would say that when you’re first starting out, this is probably of paramount importance. But for me, I really enjoy connecting with the people that care enough to stop by as it’s my way of saying thank you for supporting a complete stranger 😁

What about my readers? Do you find yourself choosing one over the other? Followers over interaction or vice versa? Let me know in the comments, like if you like and share if you care πŸ˜„

Pinterest Update #5 – still losing viewers but gaining followers!

As much as I didn’t feel like blogging today, I am keeping my promise to myself to do it. And it’s not great news, but that’s OK. There are mixed results from the last two weeks of blogging on Pinterest.

Continue reading → Pinterest Update #5 – still losing viewers but gaining followers!

@social media – A positive quote to get you through Monday πŸ˜

Pinterest Update #4 – Moving down

Last week I mentioned contacting Pinterest about my emails not being delivered. Looks like they fixed the problem because I received my weekly “Top Pins of the Week” email yesterday which was great.

So one thing about Pinterest is that your traffic, views, unique daily visitors etc. will continuously change. What I’ve found is that this is partially due to how often you are pinning and the quality of content. You will notice the fluctuations if you’re measuring your activity like I do and you’re bound to have weeks where there is a reduction in everything including profile views. Continue reading → Pinterest Update #4 – Moving down

Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 2

Last month I blogged about testing out the hashtag algorithm theory that hashtags don’t actually make much of a difference to the visibility of your post. I don’t think a couple of weeks is quite long enough to say it is or isn’t a thing, but at two weeks, I can certainly blog about my findings so far. Continue reading → Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 2