Inside Star Wars: The Trauma of Luke Skywalker

I have had discussions about this with my partner and decided it was time to talk about this with my readers and anyone else who wants to join. The thing is, Star Wars is a lot deeper than many realise (or maybe most people DO realise this, and some fans don’t like the “deeper” analysis). I wanted to dissect some of these theories or discuss them with my readers to see if we agree or if anyone can expand upon these topics. Some of these topics will be controversial, which is why I think it’s exciting to talk about them in an open forum where everyone’s opinion has value (even if we disagree).

Today, I’d like to talk about links between the movies regarding Luke Skywalker, particularly his trauma in The Empire Strikes Back, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. I’d like to begin by saying I was very much an advocate against what happened to Luke in the sequel trilogy, and I have blogged about this many times. But I’ve decided to embrace other possibilities and that perhaps what happened to Luke was always going to happen if you look at things from a certain point of view (pun intended).

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

After all, that is all we have, right? Our own opinions and validations for what happens in our lives definitely spill over to fictional characters we love. Luke is MY hero – the one character I love above all others, so for me, this was a challenging post to write. I didn’t want him to die, and I definitely didn’t want to see my hero degraded to a hermit running away from his life and its challenges and living on some random planet nobody cared about.

But what if the events that occurred when he was rebuilding the New Jedi Order with Ben Solo as his student are emotionally linked to an earlier trauma? I am speaking, of course, about the betrayal of his father, Anakin Skywalker, when he revealed to Luke who he really was. There are definite parallels between these two events.

Here is what I think: when Luke saw what was happening to Ben Solo, he reacted in a way not befitting a Jedi of his standing and in some ways, he did push Ben even closer to Snoke/Palpatine. So when Rey is saying, “did you try to murder Ben?” I guess that is one way to look at it. And perhaps that event connects directly to his father’s betrayal of him and of the Jedi.

Luke was the son of a fallen Jedi, so the father and son relationship is almost completely destroyed in the process. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker was a “father figure” to Ben as he never really knew his real father. And Luke sees what is happening to Ben, and it’s just the past repeating itself again when Ben chooses to turn to the dark side of the force. Another “father” losing a surrogate son.

When I thought about this, it really hit me in the face that Luke was probably even more traumatised because of his experience in The Empire Strikes Back. So it would make complete sense that he would try and run and hide from that trauma. And the fact that he was cut off from the force only emphasises how much Luke was suffering. He chose to turn his back on the one part of him that had guided him and protected him. Luke turned away from the force because it didn’t protect him from the pain when he needed it most. It also stopped people from being able to locate him using the force. So there were a few reasons why Luke chose to make this decision. Why do you think Luke closed himself off to the force? Let me know in the comments!

So thinking about this idea of Luke becoming a grumpy, old hermit on Achtoo has some validity that I was choosing to ignore until now. So Rian’s choices in terms of Luke’s development really make sense when you look at things from a different perspective. Does that mean I am okay with Luke dying? Nope. Never going to be okay with that. But that’s just part and parcel of being a dedicated Star Wars fan. Sometimes the heroes must sacrifice themselves for the greater good, and that’s exactly what Luke did. So in that sense, Luke was every bit the hero, and in many ways, he was still the “hope” that shone in the galaxy right until the very end.

What do you think about these theories, friends? Please let me know in the comments so we can talk about it. ☺️😊

Stay safe out there, and May the Force Be With You!

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What is Your Favourite Star Wars Fan Theory?

On days like today, when I feel like I can’t come up with anything news-worthy to blog about, I look to my extensive “drafts” folder and hope to find a gem hiding there amongst the 70 odd drafts that I have. Do you have a “drafts” folder with discarded blog posts or blog post ideas? I rarely trash things on my blog, so if I do, it means it really is a lost cause. 😂

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while and put it away to revisit it another day. Well, that day has now arrived, so I am asking my readers for their ULTIMATE star wars fan theory ideas so I can read them and smile or cry as the case may be.

As I write this, I don’t actually have a fan theory that I like. I am also looking for my readers to give me some food for thought on this topic. While I’m thinking about fan theories, I do have a couple I absolutely DISLIKE, but that’s for another post. 😉

You could even talk about your own fan theories, and we could start there – I promise not to giggle or cry when I read them 😂 but seriously, I am looking forward to hearing your theories, friends.

And as I did research on this topic, I came across this one which I am now claiming as the one I like the most currently:

Maul will be in Kenobi

Via Reddit

I actually did think about this some time ago, but for some reason, I got distracted and, well, lost that train of thought somewhere in the netherworld. But this is definitely one I am HOPING they include in the Kenobi series. Can you imagine it? WHAT IF THEY had Maul and Vader face each other? Okay, that is my favourite fan theory. 😁

As always, hit me up in the comments section so we can gasbag about this topic!

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Star Wars Movies

Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Rey Changing Her Lineage

You can get many wonderful tidbits of BTS knowledge on Twitter if you follow the right accounts. The official star wars Twitter often has nice gems of information like this one about Rey that I didn’t know:

So Rey “decides” that the Jedi are her ancestors. Hmm, okay well I don’t really have a problem with that because given her situation, would you really want to be related to Darth Sidious? Of course not unless you were also as deluded, jaded and evil as he was. I’m certain that given a chance, Rey would have jumped at the opportunity to be anyone else other than a relative of the most hated villain in Star Wars cinematic history.

In that sense, I am okay with knowing this even if it wasn’t in the film. I’m sure something as important as this has been plaguing Rey since The Force Awakens. And with the story changing so much over the course of these films, it doesn’t at all surprise me that Chris Terrio was aiming for Rey to become one with the Jedi.

I kind of like that idea to be honest. And I didn’t like it at first. When I saw the ending for The Rise of Skywalker, I was a little miffed about it but not just because of how Rey was written in the final film but for a series of things throughout the trilogy.

What I didn’t like was how the fandom started picking on Rey because she was a woman who was stronger or at least as strong as her enemy. That didn’t sit well with some. And to that, I just laugh. How they can make her sex an issue in a Star Wars movie is beyond me. I mean one of the strongest characters in the entire saga is a woman – Princess Leia. She is the bastion of strength in the original trilogy and in many ways is stronger than Luke, particularly at the beginning in A New Hope when Luke is very much finding his way in the force.

Yeah, too many open wounds on that side of things to talk about calmly in this fandom. But I think I like that Rey had somewhere special to belong and you just know that the Jedi would have opened their arms and hearts to her – no questions asked.

Rey represents all that is good in the universe within the sequel trilogy, and for that, she deserves to be recognised as a Jedi. This is exactly the same way Luke was considered the hero of the OT and for the same reason. He was the hope of the galaxy (well, some could debate him and Leia were) and his heart was pure and good. It’s not even complicated when you think of it that way.

What do you say, readers? Do you agree or disagree with my comments? Do you disagree with Chris Terrio’s path for Rey in his script? Let me know in the comments!

Stay safe out there, stay happy and creative and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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Star Wars TV Shows

The Code of the Mandalorian

I saw a post from a website I follow that posts a lot of content regularly – most of it is great. And I saw a post on the Mandalorian Code and started asking myself questions about it hence, this post was born.

When it comes to The Mandalorian, I wouldn’t say I am a super fan but I am intrigued enough to write about the character and his plight in the series. That’s all it takes to hook you in. I love the show a lot and it’s exciting seeing how each episode unfolds but there are a lot of questions that don’t seem to be getting answered in the series so far.

The biggest one I have is so far is “is there such a thing as the Mandalorian Code and if so, what is the code exactly?” So that’s two questions but you get what I mean.

After reading up on the Mandalorian code, it appears that there are three facets to the actual code all Mandalorians must follow. The first is the Canons of Honor:

Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule.

Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.

Loyalty is life, for without one’s clan one has no purpose.

Death is life, one should die as they have lived.

Via Fandom dot com

The second is the Resol’nare:

Wearing armor.

Speaking the language.

Defending yourself and your family.

Raising your children as Mandalorians.

Contributing to the clan’s welfare.

When called upon by the Mand’alor, rallying to his cause.

Via fandom dot com

And the final part was known as the Supercommando Codex which was integrated into the Code of Honor.

Whether or not The Mandalorian Din Djarin follows each of these codes is yet to be seen but there does seem to be a lot of “isn’t that part of the Mandalorian Code?” questions mentioned throughout the series. So I guess to fully understand the code Din Djarin uses or refers to as The Mandalorian Code, we’d need to see that somewhere in writing and confirmed by its creators. We’ll probably get it in some book down the line after the second season or maybe in another book but it’ll end up somewhere.

The reason why I wanted to know about the code is because of what Din Djarin says to The Marshall about the Mandalorian Armour he is wearing. It does say that every Mandalorian must wear armour but nothing pertaining to anyone that isn’t a Mandalorian wearing Mandalorian armour. It’s a little specific but still, it’s not really confirmed anywhere that I looked anyway.

If you know where this specific part of The Mandalorian code is found, please do let me know so I can do a follow-up post to this one. And as always, have any questions you’d like to ask me or any feedback for this or any of my posts, I am always lurking in the comments so comment away!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your week, stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post!

Star Wars TV Shows

The Evolution of Boba Fett

I saw this tweet on my time line and I just couldn’t ignore it because it was so good – plus I am kind of in a bit of a Boba Fett celebration right now because why not?

So what do you think Boba Fett has been doing all this time? Do you think he has been posing as a Tusken Raider? That would be the perfect way to lay low and off everyone’s radar. Pretty smart if you ask me.

And what does it mean for a Mandalorian to lose their armour? Because we know that the armour of a Mandalorian is one of their most important possessions and they cannot ever give it up. And the Beskan steel is sought after the universe over. The only conclusion I can come to is that when Boba Fett was accidentally thrown into the Sarlacc pit, he had to remove his armour to escape it and somehow the Sarlacc spat it up and the Jawa’s found it on their travels through Tatooine. What do you think about this theory? Possible or no?

Let me know your thoughts friends as I am always keen to talk star wars with my dear readers!

As always stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post or in the comments!

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