Star Wars Sequel Trilogy – Finn’s Wasted Potential

Today I asked followers on my Instagram account about favourite characters from the sequel trilogy and someone mentioned that they felt Finn was their favourite but only in The Force Awakens. They elaborated to say that the other movies following The Force Awakens were bad because they didn’t do anything with the great story-telling in the first film which left Finn hanging in the wind.

While I’ve mentioned several times why Finn wasn’t really considered an important character for me, what this person had to say about Finn rings true. I also felt that there was so much wasted potential there. J J Abrams did one good thing in bringing the character of Finn to the forefront and into our minds. He was nothing more than just another Stormtrooper in a war that didn’t make sense. But Finn having a back story that did make sense and was just as important as anyone else’s was a stroke of pure genius. I mean who cares about Stormtroopers in the bigger picture? The answer is nobody. Nobody cared about Stormtroopers until Finn came along. And suddenly, Finn was someone to watch with interest.

But of course, his character was pushed by the wayside in TLJ for obvious reasons; Rian Johnson had other plans for the direction of the film and Finn wasn’t really factored into that. To me, it seemed like Kylo Ren and Rey’s development was a lot more important to Rian which is perfectly fine. They were the main characters of the trilogy after all.

So while some fans like to take sides and throw mud at the directors and writers for their poor choices, I prefer to blame Disney somewhat for the mess that was the sequel trilogy. Bringing on board two very different creative people into one trilogy that really needed synergy and cohesion to work was the silliest decision ever made for this franchise.

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Finn had a back story that could have worked really well had Rian carried on from where J J left off. And in the final film, J J Abrams tried to recover from what Rian had created in The Last Jedi and it just came out messy and nonsensical leaving Finn nowhere.

So for the very first time, I have stopped focusing on Kylo Ren and Rey (mostly Kylo) and I’ve stopped to think about Finn and how his character was diminished until he barely existed at all. And now I understand what the actor John Boyega was probably feeling about it knowing full well that his character had been overlooked entirely in the second and third films.

Don’t even get me started on Rose Tico. That’s another debate waiting to be addressed in another post.

What do you think or feel about Finn’s development as a character? Do you agree with me that his story was diminished to make way for Rey and Kylo Ren’s development? Or do you think what Rian did was the best thing for the franchise?

Let me know in the comments friends, I am eager to discuss this with you. And as always, stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in the comments!

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The Next Star Wars Movie Delayed Until 2023

What a headline to wake up to, let me tell you… and while it’s not all that surprising given the current climate in Hollywood, it’s still a little disappointing. To be entirely selfish about it, why do we have to wait three years? Let’s remove the whole COVID situation from the equation, just for a moment. Why are so many movies being delayed?

It all comes down to not being able to get box office attendance during the pandemic, and that equates to no money for the people that make movies. Logically, that might seem like a solid business decision, but what about the fans? You know, the people who spend their money so the movie can get its “blockbuster” status.

Some movies are giving in and going VoD like the new Bill and Ted film. While this movie may not be as big at the box office as, say, Tenet, it’s still a feature film that has one of the biggest actors on the planet in it. So why do the Star Wars films have to be delayed? It’s the same reason that Mulan has been postponed indefinitely, and Tenet keeps getting pushed back further and further. It’s all about box office attendance and studios wanting to recoup their costs and make a profit.

So in the long game, fans just don’t matter when there’s money at stake. Even with millions of fans wanting some of these movies to release as early as possible, it just isn’t significant enough in the bigger picture. And while I understand and respect that, it still feels a little unfair. It’s unfair for the fans to be without the thing some of us need to help get through the tough days we’re facing.

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Star Wars Writing

Hayden Christensen Might Be Reprising His Role as Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader


So I’ve learned my lesson well from getting excited about rumours that turned out not to be true at all. And as a result of that, I’ve taken my grain of salt with this one too, even though several reputable websites such as Screen Rant has reported this might be an actual thing.

Until Disney release an official update about this, it’s a rumour and nothing more but one that’s got the Star Wars fandom in an uproar. The reason I suspect this is hitting fans quite hard is that many Star Wars fans actually despised Hayden Christensen’s portrayal of Anakin and then Darth Vader.

Let me get this clear right now though, I am NOT one of those people. I respect what Hayden did with the role and I feel bad for him taking so much crap from the Star Wars fans back then. In fact, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he gave Disney the middle finger for everything the fans put him through.

On a positive note though, if you are one of those fans that dislikes what Hayden did with the role, you are safe to have your opinion on my blog in the comments. I will never stop anyone from having their own opinion as long as it remains civil and respectful.

This rumour has been going around for some time now, but just recently, it was doing the rounds online a few days back and I wanted to give it some time to breathe before I posted about it here.

I am SO EXCITED if this is more than rumour and I am totally behind whatever they choose to do with Anakin and Hayden. I welcome it with open arms.

So what do you think about this rumour? Are you for it or against? Let me know what you think in the comments, fam!

Stay safe out there, keep creating and I’ll catch ya tomorrow as always 🙂

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