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Star Wars The Old Republic – Beyond the Cinematic Universe

I have started to think about the different topics I want to talk about on my blog and came up with this one for several reasons. Mostly because I play Star Wars The Old Republic but also because many Star Wars fans may not have had any exposure to the great characters that come out of that period in the Star Wars time line.

I knew nothing about Darth Revan until I started playing SWTOR and I consider myself relatively knowledgeable on most Star Wars topics. What I realised was I have a sound knowledge base of the Star Wars cinematic universe but very little beyond that. So in other words, I had big holes in my understanding of any other era not covered in the films.

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So I think this is a great opportunity to introduce some perhaps unknown names to my readers and to move away from always talking about the Skywalker men Kylo Ren, Anakin Skywalker and Luke 😂

I can hear sighs of relief 😂 but seriously, I am looking forward to this blog series and I hope you are too! I did start a character analysis of some of the SWTOR characters a long time ago so I’ll be covering any characters I haven’t already blogged about. If you’d like to check out those characters, you can do so here.

Also, if you would like to see any of The Old Republic characters featured in my posts, let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow, stay safe out there, keep creating and I’ll catch you in the comments.

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Star Wars “Who Am I?” – Carth Onasi

Carth Onasi looks like he’d be a bit of a troublemaker (a little like Han Solo) but he was actually very much the opposite. As you can tell by the quote I’ve chosen here, Carth was an extremely dedicated, loyal and courageous soldier that lived during the Old Republic era.
There’s a lot more information on the Star Wars Wiki page which is here. Stay tuned for another armour comparison from SWTOR as I compare in-game armour sets with other versions of the character’s armour taken from various media sources online.
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Star Wars “Who Am I?” – Kylo Ren

I know that I said I would be doing profiles of lesser-known Star Wars characters, but I just adore Kylo Ren – next to Darth Vader, he is my favourite Star Wars villain (Darth Vader pips him at the post but only just). So I’ve decided I will try and do one profile every day until I run out of characters to profile (not likely – remember the EU?)

Star Wars “Who Am I?” – Bastila Shan

One thing I’ve learned about Star Wars is that there are so many different characters, especially if you include the expanded universe (which includes games, comics, books, tv shows etc). So for kicks, I thought I’d do profiles on some of the perhaps lesser known star wars characters that fans may not have heard of. Like many Star Wars fans, I became a fan after watching the (original trilogy) films and never really focused on the expanded universe until much later on. Nowadays, there is no escaping the EU as it’s pretty much everywhere and with the new Sequel Trilogy movie releases, Star Wars is even more popular than it was, reaching much bigger (and younger) audiences.

So many possibilities – The Last Jedi


If you’re reading this there is a very good chance you’ve had a crazy TLJ day just like I have. First the TLJ tickets drop and then the new theatrical poster releases and lastly, the trailer itself.