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Luke Skywalker and Snow Speeder – The Black Series 02

Today I went out and spent about $300.00 NZD on Star Wars figurines. There is a new line of The Black Series figures recently released in New Zealand and well, I fell in love with them when I saw them!

I haven’t bought any star wars related anything for some time, not since I got the Blu-ray disks back in June. That is actually a really long time for me not to buy star wars collectables 😅 I am kind of addicted to collectables it seems. But in a good way I think (lol) and I have a weird thing where I never open any of the figurine collectables that I buy. I just like to see them brand new and preserved in their original packaging.

Speaking of packaging, here is one of the figures I bought today and the art on the packaging is so beautiful:

So I made an edit out of the art which I took a photo of first on my phone and then worked on it in photoshop:

Edit by Darkside Creative
Edit by Darkside Creative

I have others that I’ll blog about when I get more time to edit them in Photoshop but I like these images a lot – the art is really pretty!

Have a collectable you want to see featured on my blog? Let me know in the comments friends.

Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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And I Thought My Star Wars Collection Was Great…

I’ve wanted to focus a lot more on the Star Wars community at large more than I have in the past. Well, I haven’t really done a good job of this, but I aim to rectify that starting with this post.

While I consider my personal Star Wars collection of Pop Vinyls and other merchandise decent, I was stunned to find this person’s collection on Reddit. It IS just astounding!

Check it out:

Image Credit

This was posted by Redditor u/crushyajr to the Star Wars Fan Creations. I don’t own any of those life-sized replicas, but man, they’re just so awesome, am I right?

I know there is a person that has one of the most prestigious Star Wars collections on the planet, but I don’t know his name (yet). I am hoping to look into this more as my research on Star Wars collectors continues. I am hoping to do a whole series of posts dedicated to star wars collections big or small, so I hope some of my readers will partake in this. little project!

Till next post, stay safe, keep creating, and I’ll catch ya in the next one.

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TRIPLE Force Friday has arrived!

So my relationship with buying Star Wars collectibles is a little patchy at best. Last year I was so unprepared for the Force Friday midnight sales that I missed out on buying the items I wanted. I was actually quite cut up about it and mulled around for days in a low mood. That is why this year I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for the sales. It’s a fierce world out there, people. If you want to collect, you need to bring your ‘A’ game to play with the big boys!

As I write this, I am recovering from a very bad night of almost no sleep and I was feeling a little unwell so I didn’t go to work today. But as soon as I start thinking about Star Wars, I suddenly feel entirely rejuvenated. I think it’s safe to say that Star Wars is in my veins and there is no way it’s ever going to leave.

So last night I managed to get almost everything I wanted including all of the First Edition Black Series release figures!! I am so over the moon about this. I honestly didn’t think of the First Edition stuff but it makes sense because some of those toys will be considered first edition because they’re brand new to the Star Wars franchise. Toys for The Mandalorian, Cal Kestis and the Second Sister from the Star Wars game Jedi Fallen Order – all first edition.

You do not want to know how much money I’ve spent today… it’s probably the most I’ve spent on figures for a long time. I have been patiently waiting for this day for months now and I am so glad it finally paid off.

The only thing is my partner doesn’t know how much I bought or spent yet 🤣 and I am lucky he likes Star Wars and supports my fangirling. I think I’ll be somehow putting this to the test when he sees how many figurines I bought 🤣