Have some gorgeous Luke Skywalker to start (or end) your day!

To celebrate my recent news, I made a few edits, nothing huge, I just found some beautiful black and white images of Luke Skywalker and edited them a teeny bit.

Enjoy my friends

All image credit to Topps Trading Cards on Google



Star Wars GIF – Rey by Claudia Poppe

I haven’t been doing a lot of Star Wars animation lately, and I’ve noticed it because my IG isn’t getting updated as much as it used to with edits. But that’s OK because I have been spending a lot more time on other creative pursuits such as my writing and honing my Photoshop skills.

But I felt in the mood to animate something so I found this awesome art by Claudia Poppe and decided it might look cool as a GIF:

Original Art:


My Black and White edit:


And my animation:

COLOURClaudia Poppe (1000px, 15fps).gif


Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker Edits

I’ve been a little unfocused recently and I don’t know why I am so distracted but I think it’s because I’ve spent quite a few hours reading and watching tutorials and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. That said, after watching a video clip on Adobe Create, I’ve been reinspired to create something. I think the part of the process I am struggling with is the planning of the project and trying to make what is in my head a reality. I struggle with that quite a bit I think.

I watched this video clip with Lisa Carney who is now my new hero. She is currently a graphic design retoucher who works in the entertainment industry which is exactly where I want to go with my design work. It’s really my dream job to do what she does. And she has had years of experience and I’ve had zip. This is also an obstacle I must overcome and probably the biggest one I will encounter, lacking the work experience to start working as a designer.

In the meantime I am still learning in Photoshop and came up with these at the end of it. What do you think?

This is the initial image I used to create the rest: I created this in photoshop first – Kylo Ren


And Rey:


And I took these background images and went through multiple changes creating in photoshop:

Kylo Ren 2 of 3


And the final image 3Β  of 3:


And Rey 2 of 3


And 3 of 3


“The Sith Code” Redesign – Part I

I posted this Star Wars edit a couple of days back but the more I looked at it, the more I thought it wasn’t good enough or somehow could be improved upon. The original image was kind of flat without the GIF I made at the top:

Continue reading → “The Sith Code” Redesign – Part I

Inside Photoshop Part II – Merging two GIFs into one

Hello friends! So I’m almost at the end of my 10 day holiday from my day job, and I’ve spent quite a lot of this spare time reading and learning and even re-learning some techniques I had forgotten how to use or how to execute.

Learning, in general, can be a task for some but I’ve discovered what works for me and it may work for you, too. Perseverance is key to learning new things if you want to learn you have to keep hacking away at it until you eventually find yourself at the top of that mountain. I have this very stubborn streak that seems to kick in when I least expect. For instance, learning how to layer a GIF inside another GIF was something I learned years ago when I was using photoshop all the time, but it was a technique I had forgotten because I just never used it again.

I usually start with a quick google search online to see if there is anything relevant to what I want to learn. And then I keep searching until I get to the clip I want to watch or to the article I want to read (finding the right information again is a task in and of itself, and you just have to keep looking)

Once I have the information I can use I take that advice to my Photoshop task and try to apply it (well, it’s more like I hack away at it until I learn how to do it). This may seem like a very unruly way to go about it, but it works. Two days ago I didn’t know how to put a GIF inside a GIF, and the silliest thing is it’s so easy once you learn the technique (or re-learn in my case).

GIF one:




GIF two (before edits)




Final GIFs:



Star Wars Edits – Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn

Another Star Wars edit for you my lovelies. I’m actually pretty happy with the techniques I’ve picked up since starting the Udemy Graphic Design course, and I’m now committing those techniques to memory by repeating them as often as I can. I dunno if you’ve noticed an improvement in my graphics at all, but I think I am a lot better at masking and selections than I used to be. I also learned the importance of using the ruler and canvas guides when lining up the text on a poster or image and now I just don’t know how I managed to make anything in Photoshop without them. I think this is why it’s important to remember that being self-taught is cool and all that until you begin to learn all the things you missed while teaching yourself. There are so many tools I hardly used in Photoshop that I’m using all the time now and I’ve only just scratched the surface of what I need to learn.

This journey is a long one but very rewarding at the same time. I don’t know why I didn’t start learning all of these things earlier, but I’m excited and happy to be creating once again😁


I’ve also spent time reading about the importance of colour in Graphic Design, and I’m so in awe about how important it is to choose the right colours when creating images. It’s not something that I’ve really thought about before now, but choosing the right colour is basically everything. If you opt for the wrong colours, or the colours don’t fit or suit each other, it can basically make or break a design (the same as typography but that’s another topic for another post). In fact, I might write a separate post about what I’ve learned so far with regards to choosing colours to enhance images. This is the colour palette I used to make my edit below:


Here’s my final edit which took way too long to make because I have an annoying trait where nothing is good enough unless it’s as perfect as I can make it. But I’m happy with it – it’s also a good quality image as well, probably good enough for print πŸ™‚

What do you think? It’s my first edit for Qui-Gon Jinn, I don’t think I’ve ever created anything except a few GIFs for him or with him featured. There will be plenty more where this one came from friends πŸ™‚



Okay, now that I’ve calmed down a little over the SWCC stuff I found about today (the leaked mural, the mural is finished, yet another Episode IX rumoured title etc), I am now sitting at my desk as jittery as a bug because OMGGGGGGGG in EIGHT and a half hours (ish) THE EPISODE IX PANEL WILL BE STARTING….

I guess I’m still not very calm and I only think it’s going to get worse as it gets closer to the time but what I said I would do earlier this morning I’ve done so here’s the updated edit and GIF without the yukky bit in the middle that you weren’t supposed to see πŸ˜‚