Star Wars Edits – Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order

So the news about Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order, the new game coming out this year is doing the rounds on social media so I thought I’d jump on the hype train and contribute an edit. The original image is from Carl Milner’s blog with animation by me, what do you think?

Edited Image:


And my animation:

JEDIFALLENORDER (1200px, 25fps).gif


Bronze Armour Set of the Week – “Reveler”

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This bronze set is one I’ve never worn because I always thought these sets and similar sets (Magnificent Dancer etc) didn’t really have a purpose to them. Then, of course, I remember the “Slave” girl outfit Carrie Fisher was made to wear in Return of the Jedi while Luke gets dressed in an all-black ensemble and looks kick-ass. That kinda makes me squirm. This set and others like it really do belong in that category – armour sets only men could appreciate because they really make your character look like a hooker. That said, however, there are plenty of women who have since worn the outfit at conventions and in other popular culture who think the Slave costume is empowering. Yep, it says so right here. Continue reading → Bronze Armour Set of the Week – “Reveler”

The return of “ERPer” XESHI Reborn


I wrote a blog post recently about a certain “ERPer” (Erotic Role Player) that was causing all sorts of havoc in general chat on Dromund Kaas. I don’t mind ERPers as long as they keep their role-playing out of general chat. This particular person seems to think she can do whatever she wants when she plays including discussing sexual acts in intimate detail in a general chat channel. Continue reading → The return of “ERPer” XESHI Reborn