Update #2 on the Super bowl Star Wars Episode IX rumour

Another update from the same person over on Reddit’s r/starwarsleaks subreddit confirming that Pepsi now wants the program schedule slots that were going to be allocated to the episode IX teaser. Sounds a little suspect now πŸ˜… but like everyone else torn over this leak being legit, I’m keeping options open as anything can happen. It’s Star Wars, afterall.


Star Wars General Grievous / Kylo Ren GIFs

I haven’t made many GIFs of General Grievous even though he was a pretty unique villain in his own right. So I thought it was time to give the General some love πŸ™‚

Art is from β€œThe Dark Side: An Illustrated Story” 

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Update on Star Wars Episode IX Super Bowl rumour

So the source was confirmed as legit by Reddit moderators but the information itself was not. So the contact at CBS is probably legit but we still don’t have confirmation from Disney or anyone else official yet.

I’m still watching it regardless because that’s good enough for me πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

Star Wars Celebration Art 2019

While I have yet to attend one of these (it’s on my to-do list 😁), the art releases that come with every new celebration fuel my soul. Here is the first release poster for this year and what a beauty it is!

Enjoy πŸ€—

Possible Star Wars Episode IX teaser during Super Bowl?

I cannot confirm this as I have just read a thread on popular Reddit subreddit r/starwarsleaks. Some user there claims they know someone at CBS and that person said they’ve seen a slot allocated for the “existing Star Wars Episode IX teaser” on the program schedule.

Guys… if this is true OMGGGGGosh lol πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ The mods are awaiting confirmation from the source but if it’s legit, I will die but will also update this post and die some more lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

Mucking around in Photoshop with Kylo Ren

Just a couple of edits in Photoshop I did yesterday while thinking about other things to add to my blog – my edit making and GIF making will always be one of my most favourite things to do!

Edit 1 of 2 – Posterizing


Edit 2 of 2 – Solid Colour Adjustment Layers


Rey Skywalker?


I am a fiend when it comes to Star Wars speculation and rumours. I am also of that rare breed of Star Wars fan that doesn’t hate spoilers so I’ll entertain any theory because I’m curious to know what people think. I think it all started when I was in the States in 2015 and I had this discussion with one of the Disney store employees about the new movie. I then proceeded to buy one of the Kylo Ren action figures that came complete with voice over lines from the movie which also turned out to be full of spoilers! And I have been spoilerific ever since.

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Disney/Warner Chappel respond to Star Wars Theory

So as you (probably) know, the Star Wars channel run by Star Wars Theory (most likely the biggest star wars channel in existence) put up another response video after being contacted by Disney for breaching copyright.

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