Whatever you do, do not take a person’s trust in you for granted. Once trust is gone, you may never get it back.

30 degrees!

So the weather in my country right now is a big deal. The reason is because my city is known for having a relatively nice, temperate climate. But due to a recent heatwave that is killing animals in Australia (thankfully, nothing as bad here so far), the temperature yesterday got to 30 degrees Celsius with… Read More 30 degrees!

I would just like to say…

that I think the weather in my country is sick because it’s 90 per cent humidity at 7am in the morning and this is just not at all acceptable… 😫

Spreading the Star Wars love

I feel pretty good because I just helped an artist I like pick up a commission via Tumblr. This is the sort of thing star wars fans should be doing, not spreading toxicity online in forums and on social media. What is the saying? Be the change you want to see? I’m doing my bit… Read More Spreading the Star Wars love