Trading Tip of the Week / Cartel Market Update

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This is going to be a detailed update because I’ve got a lot to chat about regarding the latest sales/trades and Armour updates that have come to the Cartel Market this week. I’ll also be shedding some light on how I trade on the GTN and upselling versus knowing when to sell. Continue reading → Trading Tip of the Week / Cartel Market Update

Cartel Market Update – Tythian Disciple Armour set

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Another Cartel Market update showing off the Tythian Disciple Armour set for direct sale. It’s priced at 1700 cartel coins which I think is personally quite steep for this set. The image of the set on the Cartel Market makes it look like the head and chest piece both light up when in fact they don’t. The chest piece pulsates slightly but the headpiece is just red/orange coloured metal of some description. Continue reading → Cartel Market Update – Tythian Disciple Armour set

Cartel Market Week Ending 04/03/2018

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I’ve been looking at YouTube content for SWTOR – one guy on YouTube does a lot of the stuff I do in the game with a particular focus on trading. I’ve been thinking about YouTube and whether or not I should start streaming content or creating content for a Youtube channel that focuses on the stuff I like to do in SWTOR. He seems to be the only person really focusing on trading as opposed to gameplay (there are plenty of other YT channels that do that). So for now, it’s definitely an idea I’d like to think of some more. Continue reading → Cartel Market Week Ending 04/03/2018

Best-laid plans of Sith and Revanites…


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I started creating some images for my SWTOR Instagram account and I’ve been using Canva templates to create them. This is the first one I did but see if you can spot where the problem is in the image:

Instagram Character Sheet

Continue reading → Best-laid plans of Sith and Revanites…

SWTOR Trading 101

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Tip of the day

If you’ve managed to accumulate hundreds of armour sets over the years, it’s good practice to hold onto some of them, especially if the market is flooded or prices are low. Continue reading → SWTOR Trading 101

Back to 1 billion credits

So I wrote a post back on June 03 about reaching that 1 billion credit target on one of my mules. Well, I was a little premature and kinda thought I would hit the 1 billion mark then and didn’t quite make it. The good news is I finally have this time – check it out 🙂 Not going to lie, it feels pretty damn good – I put a lot of effort into trading and keep records of everything I sell and the credits I make. Today is a good day in SWTOR!

SWTOR Trading 101

Tip of the day -Tip #1

If you’re like me and you have a crapload of mismatched armour pieces, new packs on the Cartel Market can sometimes be just the thing you need to match them all up as full sets. So tip for the day – if you’re trading in armour and you’re using cartel market items, remember to save those odd pieces of armour. That way when there are packs to buy on the CM, you’ll get a chance to match them into full sets and sell them!