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The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 – SPOILER RECAP

As the title suggests, this post will NOT be spoiler-free so please do not read if you are not up-to-date with Season Two of The Mandalorian.

Okay this season is now getting ridiculous with how AWESOME it has been for Star Wars fans – I mean seriously HOW MUCH BETTER can it get??!! Some fans on social media are saying that The Mandalorian is giving the fans too much “fan service”. To that I say “hahah yes please” and can we have:


There were rumours for at least a week about Slave 1 being featured in this week’s episode and it was first mentioned AFAIK on Reddit (which is a very valuable source for anyone that enjoys Star Wars rumours and speculation) from someone who had access to The Mandalorian media. I dunno who it was nor do I know how they got this information but it was accurate as I have found many of those “speculative” sources to be. I reckon it’s someone on the inside working for Disney or Lucasfilm that is leaking all of these spoilers to the public. They confirmed that they saw images of Boba’s ship which as we now know was featured in this episode of The Mandalorian.



Tython turned out to be both good and bad news for Din Djarin. Good news because he now has none other than Boba Fett as his partner in a fight against, well, the remnants of the Empire that just doesn’t want to die. And now they have Grogu! Calling this episode “The Tragedy” is an understatement. And let’s not forget that Din also lost his ship!

The Dark Troopers turned out to be kinda lame

Don’t get me wrong, they looked kinda cool but they didn’t fight or do much of anything other than acquire Grogu so he can become a donor for whatever horrible tests and experiments the Empire plans to use him for. What do you think Moff Gideon wants with our little Grogu?

Here’s a little image of the three phases of the Dark Trooper via Wookiepedia:


Tell me this entire fight scene didn’t just make history as one of the BEST scenes we’ve ever had of Boba Fett! It truly is just so awesome how Filoni and Favreau are giving us fans what we deserve. I mean Boba Fett has been dead to us for years and here we have him not only alive and well but kicking ASS like we know he can!

Via YouTube

Grogu and reaching out to the Jedi through the force

We still don’t know who Grogu was communicating with on Tython but it took a while and poor Din Djarin tried so many times to get hold of Grogu to protect him. I actually think that forcefield would have done a pretty good job of protecting Grogu from just about anything other than another force user.

BUT WHO DO YOU THINK HE WAS COMMUNICATING WITH? This is the BIG question everyone is asking… let me know in the comments who you think it is!

Let me know what you thought in the comments and as always, stay safe out there my friends!

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The Mandalorian “Spin Off” Series in the Works at Disney Plus

After reading Deadline’s interesting update on The Mandalorian, it seems that the pre-production for the “spin-off” series has been active for months.

Here’s an excerpt from their article:

While not officially greenlit, a third season of the hit Star Wars series has been in pre-production for months, with creator, director and executive producer Jon Favreau publicly stating that he hoped to start filming by end of 2020. That may be the case, with some sources indicating that production would be starting as soon as next week (or in late November/early December), while others point to spring or even fall 2021.

The confusion stems from the level of secrecy in the Lucasfilm camp. But persistent chatter could explain the discrepancy — that another Mandalorian-related project/spinoff, I hear possibly a Boba Fett miniseries, would film first, starting next week or later this month, with The Mandalorian Season 3 production coming after that.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian was recently listed in Production Weekly with the working title Buccaneer, sparking a guessing game among fans what that moniker may entail. Per usual, Lucasfilm and Disney+ are keeping mum on details about the new season, including casting. 

– Deadline

I’m not sure how I feel about a spin-off series but any star wars is good star wars. If it’s just about Boba Fett – I am very much for it because Temuera Morrison will be so great as Boba Fett (and was great as Jango before that).

What do you think about this being a possibility? Do you think they should focus on another character and not Boba Fett? What do you think of the tv series in general? Too many spin-offs or not enough?

Let me know in the comments friends – stay safe out there and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post!

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Temuera Morrison to Return as Boba Fett in The Mandalorian

Good morning, afternoon or evening, friends! It is 9.12am on a Saturday morning here, and I have woken up to some great Star Wars news!

Temuera Morrison may not be a name many are familiar with. I am very familiar with this name for two reasons; the first being I am a New Zealander, and so is Temuera Morrison. And because New Zealand is such a tiny place (compared to many other countries), this kind of news is pretty big down under.

Here’s an image of what Temuera Morrison might look like donning the infamous Boba Fett armour:

Via Google

The second reason (which I hope my Star Wars fan followers will already know), is that Temuera Morrison played the original clone used in the prequel trilogy of movies to create the clones. And as such he was the father of Boba Fett and portrayed Jango Fett for all of a few minutes on-screen time. His kiwi accent is strong in the films, you can’t miss it which is kind of funny from my point of view. You just never get used to hearing another kiwi talking in their natural accent on-screen, especially in a Star Wars movie!

The news is as the headline states – Temuera Morrison will be taking on the role of Boba Fett in the new season of The Mandalorian! I couldn’t be more pleased for Tem, because I know he was struggling to get his career back on track after the smaller roles he did after Star Wars. Now he has a chance to get back to the galaxy far, far away once more, and as Boba Fett, no less!

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