Two more quick edits of The Mandalorian Official Poster

I’ve spent so much time today in the midst of all the fandom hype going on and I feel so overwhelmed by it all. I actually felt like I needed to do something with the images I’ve seen and creating these edits calmed me down considerably 😂

I even cried tears of joy at the announcement of Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Kenobi A Star Wars Story – it really was more emotional than I expected.

So here are a couple of edits I did just you know, because 😂

Edit One – Poster minus the branding


And completely textless with colour edits:




There isn’t much else to say, this is it, the official The Mandalorian Trailer is upon us!!!

D23 2019 – SPOILERS! The Rise of Skywalker trailer leaks and The Mandalorian Poster!!


I’ve learned in the past from live blogging events relating to Star Wars as they happen has it’s ups and downs. For the most part it’s thrilling and exciting to be seeing footage or media the same time as the rest of the world. As I live in New Zealand, we don’t get a lot of official coverage here for any of these events, not the type of media you want to see as opposed to regurgitated articles from Reddit. As a SERIOUS Star Wars fan, I want what everyone else wants but sometimes, that just can’t happen. So I do the next best thing and wait and watch and refresh all of my social media accounts because I know SOMEONE in the fandom will come through!!

Today is no exception, these video clips are quickly being deleted from Twitter and everywhere else but I still managed to get hold of one. Here is the latest The Rise of Skywalker trailer footage live from D23 2019. Sourced from Instagram @starwarsallthetime:

CAN YOU SEE THIS?? Rey speaks!! And Kylo Ren removing his glove to touch Vader’s Mask!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU…

With that footage we also get the official The Mandalorian poster and it’s beautiful!! Look at the colouring in this poster! From my limited design knowledge, this poster is actually perfect! Sourced from Reddit.


Star Wars Edits – The Mandalorian Sketch Edit

I’ve spent a lot of time today (as it’s a public holiday) looking around for Graphic Design resources and came across this Photoshop Action from Adobe which can transform your photo/image into a sketch. It’s a very complex process with multitudes of layer adjustments and changes. There are a lot of apps online that you can use to do a similar thing but I don’t think they always do a very good job of transforming the image. Photo Manipulation is an artform all of its own and I trust Adobe for pretty much everything photo related these days.

The original image is from Carl Milner’s blog because his blog is awesome!

Here’s the image unedited:


And the edited version:


The Mandalorian – Where’s the trailer? Here’s the teaser!

So there was no teaser trailer at SWCC for the Mandalorian and fans are not happy – luckily I managed to find this via @nerdsinabar on Youtube so I am posting quick before it goes down:

“The Mandalorian” will be Eight episodes long




And I can’t wait for this. Mostly because I like Pedro Pascal and I think he’s going to be superb as The Mandalorian. The only thing I hope for is that the writing is of a good standard and that his character gets the backstory it deserves. Without a backstory, really, there is no backbone to a character. I mean take Darth Vader for instance, let’s pretend that the prequel trilogy’s never existed (I know some fans really wish this, but I don’t). We would never see the struggle of Anakin Skywalker or how he set out on the path to the dark side. And that is a whole lot of storytelling that wouldn’t exist and a whole other layer to Darth Vader’s character that wouldn’t be there.

I want these future Star Wars ventures to do well. I think there is a huge divide amongst the Star Wars fans and I don’t believe The Mandalorian will fix it, but at least it’s something more they can focus on away from the Skywalker trilogy.