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The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 – SPOILER RECAP

As the title suggests, this post will NOT be spoiler-free so if you have yet to see the first episode PLEASE do not read this post!

The Mandalorian’s first episode for season two was nothing short of EPIC! And in true Mando style we see Djin Djarin taking on A KRAYT DRAGON of all things! And not just any Krayt Dragon – a SARLACC eating Krayt Dragon!

Krayt Dragon’s – oh my!

So if you play SWTOR, you’ll be very familiar with Krayt Dragons and their bounty! The Krayt Dragon is hunted for several reasons but one of the main reasons is its treasure – the Krayt Dragon Pearl! If you were wondering what that Tusken Raider is pulling out of the dragon’s carcass, it’s a Krayt Dragon Pearl which are VERY rare and you guessed it, worth a lot of credits!

The Marshall is introduced

We meet another character in the Mando’s journey – The Marshall played wonderfully by Timothy Olyphant. And yep, if you recognised the armour he was wearing – I’m 99.9% sure it’s Boba Fett’s armour.

And the BEST PART OF ALL – Oh my gosh! TEMUERA MORRISON standing on the sand dunes with the Binary Sunset in the background watching the Mandalorian riding off! I cannot contain my excitement people because this season is going to be SO amazing!

Is that BOBA FETT?

Killing a Krayt Dragon, finding Boba Fett’s armour and BOBA FETT himself! ARRGHHH it’s too much excitement to take 🎃🎃 I cannot wait for the next episode and I’ll be doing recaps of every episode going forward so feel free to leave your comments and let me know what you thought of each episode?

Keep safe out there, keep creating and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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