When you protect yourself from pain, be sure you do not protect yourself from love. When you learn to say yes to yourself, you will be able to say no to others with love. You have the power to take away someone’s happiness by refusing to forgive. That someone is you.

– Alan Cohen


I’m given a work queue to work on. I am supposed to be sharing it with another person in my team. I haven’t seen that person doing any work for three hours. What would you do in this situation? This is not a one-off thing. This is a daily occurrence and I am kinda over it 😐

Have you ever stopped to think about the legacy of your parents, what they are leaving behind in you? I have actually thought about this often over the years, particularly when something happens in my life that I can’t explain or excuse in some way.

You know there’s something wrong with the world when YouTube going offline is a thing #random 😂🤣