Star Wars fans; will they ever get along?

I do not identify with any one-star wars fandom group. I am not a “reylo” supporter nor am I anti reylo. I don’t think any trilogy is necessarily better than any other. I am a Star Wars fan without boundaries. I choose to love it all, come what may. Which is why I guess I never felt like I belonged on social media because I never really agreed with any particular group.

I think it’s sad when something you love turns on itself because people believe what they have to say is right and therefore everyone else is wrong. That’s just silly because nobody but the creators can have that honour and even then, they probably wonder about it.

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I’ll know about the roster tomorrow

Our meeting is set for 1.30pm. I don’t think my hours will be changing but I guess we’ll see….

When a team pulls together, anything can be achieved

Right now, I feel almost ashamed at myself for not having faith in my team. Last year was a trying time for many of us and I used that experience as a precursor for everything.

I felt alone and let down last year. Today I feel bad for ever doubting my team mates. I feel like this is the team we used to be, I feel happy.

We have become the team we deserve.

@work – Team Meeting

Today we have a team meeting. I suspect it’s to discuss possible changes occurring in the team. It was announced last week that one of our managers was leaving and on Friday, it was announced that the GM was leaving also. I wonder what this will mean for my team? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling anxious.

The good things in life are worth recognising, the bad things are not…

I wasn’t going to treat this as a writing prompt, but technically, it is because I read this on another blog post about micro journaling. As soon as I saw this sentence, my brain woke up. I immediately began thinking of how I could write about this topic. It makes it easier when you relate, I get that, so in that sense, it’s not a real writing prompt. But I am going to scratch the traditions for now and say that anything that gets your brain working and your fingers tapping is essentially a writing prompt. Prove me wrong! 😉 Continue reading → The good things in life are worth recognising, the bad things are not…