@tumblr “I promise to be back to normal soon”…

This is what someone posted on their blog after their grandfather had passed away. And this kind of upsets me. You know you don’t owe anyone anything, you don’t have to tell people you’ll be “back to normal” because you will never be back to normal. When a loved one dies, it changes you forever. You might be able to write more on your blog, and say funny things to your online friends like you used to, but that “normal” part of you that you’re referring to, that’s gone forever.

I think it’s touching this person wanted to update their status and keep their followers in the loop, but honestly, when real life happens to you, you don’t owe anyone a single thing. The only person you need to take care of is you.


Person A: “Why on earth did we let morning people set the world’s operating schedule??

Person B: “They did it while we were sleeping” 🤣😁😅

Quote of the Day

“Love is the only truth we can hope to find as human beings”

This concept alone is both daunting and liberating at the same time.


“Sometimes people will pretend you’re a bad person so they don’t feel guilty for the things they did to you”…

It’s sad for me to have to admit that I have experienced this. Some people will treat you badly, it’s just a fact of life. Some people don’t know any better. What’s important is how you a) treat yourself after such an experience and b) treat others. Having the capacity to like and love yourself and others after enduring years of abuse and pain is nothing short of a miracle.

I learned that from my mother.


Are getting me flagged for breaching community guidelines again… back when the tumblr bans happened I was like “oh my gosh… I hope I don’t get banned reblogging this” and now… “sigh, another one. Oh well…” 🤣

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Do any of my follower friends use Pillowfort?

What’s that, you ask? Well, until last week, I had no idea but it’s the new social media platform taking all of Tumblr’s users and welcoming them with open arms. My predicament is this: should I consider moving there for the Star Wars community, leaving the Tumblr community I’ve been a part of for two years or stay and deal with whatever comes?

I really don’t want to uproot myself but already I can see the star wars posts dwindling in my activity log.

I’ve been told different things by different people so I’m really not sure how badly the new tumblr policy will impact my fandom directly. What I do know is that content that shouldn’t be getting flagged as adult content is getting flagged and that’s what’s scaring people into leaving.

I guess I’ll stay a little longer and think about it but it’s kinda bumming me out ☹