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Hi everyone! Well, I am still home recovering from food poisoning I got on Sunday night, so I have a heap of spare time on my hands for writing and updating things.

I decided quite out of the blue that I wanted to change my blog aesthetic, so I made some updates to the front page yesterday. I am going VERY dark (true to the name of my blog, I guess), and I actually really like it.

I have a new banner that I made, and I changed all of the fonts and colour scheme, so it is very dark now (it might put some people off, but I like it).

The image was taken by Julie.

The banner looks kind of faded, but it’s much brighter when you’re on the blog than it looks in the image above. I got into the updating “bug” thanks to Tumblr changing my Tumblr theme without consulting me (I didn’t even know they could do that). But when I went onto my Tumblr the other day, I got a message saying that my theme had been removed due to “a strange code string” or something like that. I am guessing it’s a safety precaution on Tumblr’s behalf. I mean, I can’t think of any other reason why they’d have to force a theme update on someone unless it was required. It just gave me a bit of a shock to see my entire theme had changed…

They updated it to the default Tumblr theme, which I don’t like, so I updated it to something much better, and it turns out my new theme is way better than the one I had previously, so it all worked out!

Now it looks like this:

Julie’s Tumblr Blog

Everyone needs a change now and then, and aesthetics are pretty important if you want people to like what they see, and I definitely want that for my content!

Anywho, I am all caught up on The Bad Batch, and if anyone wants an excellent rundown on the season so far, Tina’s write-up of the first two episodes are awesome – you should check it out! Give her a follow if you aren’t already following her because she is one of my very best Star Wars friends on WordPress, and I think you’ll love her content.

Catch you in my next post, but I should be back to regular life again tomorrow 🙁

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@Tumblr – Kylo Ren and Lightsabers

Via @cloudyfacewithjam

Social Media Writing

@tumblr “I promise to be back to normal soon”…

This is what someone posted on their blog after their grandfather had passed away. And this kind of upsets me. You know you don’t owe anyone anything, you don’t have to tell people you’ll be “back to normal” because you will never be back to normal. When a loved one dies, it changes you forever. You might be able to write more on your blog, and say funny things to your online friends like you used to, but that “normal” part of you that you’re referring to, that’s gone forever.

I think it’s touching this person wanted to update their status and keep their followers in the loop, but honestly, when real life happens to you, you don’t owe anyone a single thing. The only person you need to take care of is you.

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Funny to start the day @tumblr

Person A: “Why on earth did we let morning people set the world’s operating schedule??

Person B: “They did it while we were sleeping” 🤣😁😅


Quote of the Day

“Love is the only truth we can hope to find as human beings”

This concept alone is both daunting and liberating at the same time.