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Pick Me Up Friday’s – Clip of the Week

As mentioned in my earlier post, I am going to start making Friday’s the “happy day” of the week in terms of blog content. And this is really an informal way for me to offer something small to anyone that reads my blog. It might be art, it might be poetry or it might be something entirely different but it’s a spontaneous thing that I liked and wanted to share with you all.

So if you’re feeling down and out or you feel like you’ve had a difficult week, I hope my post today will make you feel just a little better!

I came across this clip on Monday as I was updating email and I loved it so much I instantly thought of this blog series so I could share it with you all.

Have the sound up (not too high though lol) and check out this guy – the music is such a great choice because this dude ain’t letting anyone or anything get him down! He is ahhhmazzzing 🙂 (check out the ladies in the background lol). We should all be just like this guy – confident, not giving a damn about anyone’s opinion and doing what we enjoy!

I hope you like it and I hope it makes you smile 🙂

Enjoy, my friends!

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Star Wars

Thought of the Day – Game of Thrones and Star Wars?!

I spent a lot of money on Star Wars collectible stuff this weekend. Sometimes I wonder what will happen to it all if I die… like, if I don’t leave a will or anything, where will all of this stuff go? I suppose you could say that about anything right? Where would all the stuff … go?

Also *technically* this is my second thought about Star Wars today but what about the GAME OF THRONE writers Benioff and Weiss writing the new Star Wars movies? I love Game of Thrones so I am excited by this news. But I just went onto Twitter and read that not every star wars fan feels the same. Are you a fan and if so, what do you think about it? Let me know in the comments please and I promise I’ll reply 🙂

Also, sorry about the crappy image, I’ll add another when I get home 🙂 – edit: Updated!

The varied “flavours” of Social Media

Since throwing myself headfirst into the maelstrom that is social media, I’ve come to learn that not all social media platforms are actually “social”. I’ve also learned that each social media platform has it’s own “flavour” and not all of them are going to whet your appetite. In fact, some of them will leave you wondering “what the hell?” more times than you can count.

Follows, likes and hate

Lately, I’ve felt somewhat overwhelmed by social media. It’s become a focus of mine to check and see if I’ve had any new follows, likes, reblogs etc. This is one reason I didn’t really want to return to social media in the way that I have because it soon takes over. What’s important to me is that I write period. But now I feel almost crippled by the social media feedback and instead of writing five pieces a day, I haven’t been able to write anything. I read on some blog that consistency is one thing you need if you want social media to work for you. Consistency is also important when you’re blogging. How many potential followers have I missed out on because I didn’t blog for a day or three? Probably a few, I would think. How many blogs have you unfollowed because the blog wasn’t updated on a semi-regular basis? Probably a few, right? I am sure that once I’ve gained a loyal audience and I’m connecting with my readers on a regular basis, followers and likes and reblogs will become a lot less important. At that point, you would like to think that even if you don’t blog for a day, your loyal followers won’t care as long as you blog at some point.

Are these issues even important? I don’t know, I suppose if I want to continue gaining an audience, I need to rely on social media to get myself “out there”. But for right now, I hate it. I actually feel quite a bit of contempt for social media and everything it stands for.