Where did all the bad kids go?!?

As you know I started my little SWTOR project “SWTOR Reported” where I spend a very productive time in my stronghold on Dromund Kaas trading on the GTN and safe-guarding youthful eyes from abusers of the ToS. I think it’s possible that word may have gone around (maybe in the forums although I have yet… Read More Where did all the bad kids go?!?

To all the SWTOR haters…

  /Begin Rant There is a lot of hate for SWTOR. I’ve felt it and I’ve read it and I’ve become irritated by it. And the reasons for the hate vary; everything from the Cartel Market “ripping” people off to the content/game itself being bad or unplayable.

Even the experienced can screw up

Boy I made a stupid rookie mistake last night when I was putting items on the GTN for trading. I put an item that was worth 37 million credits on sale for 3.7 million credits… lol I’ve never done that before so it took a while for me to get over the silliness of it… Read More Even the experienced can screw up

SWTOR Reported – EA “Support” Response

If you’ve ever reported something to customer service “support” before, you’ll be all too familiar with the response template that’s anything but personal sent from the “Support” staff. Here’s an example of a reply I received recently after reporting inappropriate player behaviour:

Instagramming on the Darkside

  I created an Instagram account just for Star Wars related content a while ago. I decided in my infinite wisdom (yes, that’s sarcasm just in case you missed it :P) that it would be better if I separated general Star Wars content from SWTOR content so I could run the odd giveaway for SWTOR… Read More Instagramming on the Darkside