@work I woke up with a migraine

and was contemplating not going to work but me being me of course, I went to work. Migraine seems to be subsiding after taking my meds so I think I’ll be okay.

Would you go to work with a migraine or am I just weird 🤣😢


@work Here’s a funny thing

So today we learned that people in the team were doing a particular task wrong since 2017 🤣😂 and yes, I was in this group.

The reason why it’s so funny is because 2017 lol and also because every person who had been taught how to do this task was taught incorrectly for two whole years and noone knew until today. Le Sigh 🤣😁


Is it wrong that I find the best part of the day is when hardly anyone is here?

I feel like values have certainly shifted

I remember back when working hard, being present, on time and loyal meant something. What do you do when these are the values you have learned and they’re no longer considered important?

You, my friend, have become redundant. Learn new values, learn to adapt or die. The choice is yours.

Welcome to the New World…


I have come to the conclusion that we live in an era of playing the blame game and it’s considered normal to go on witch hunts on a daily basis when people screw up…

It’s the 7th of January. In my country that means “back to work after 3 weeks off” day. People are gonna be grumpy and tired as they slowly get back into their weekly routine. The weekly routine they secretly despise because it’s work they don’t wanna do. Aim to never feel this way when you work and you will be living the dream…

Most people are still on holiday… and I’m here. My partner is also still on holiday without me, so yeah… 😡

I am currently at a work thing…

And I feel so awkward. This is why I avoid these things. All my work mates have gone and I’m waiting for my ride home wishing I was at home making Star Wars edits lol.

Being socially awkward kinda hurts…