I had a title for this post but it went bye bye…

I get most of my blog posts on the fly, that is, I don’t sit at my desk for weeks planning my blog posting strategy like a chess match. Some people might do this, and it might be really successful for them, but that’s not me. So quite a lot of the content I write is about my daily experiences – my feelings sometimes if I feel like blogging about them, or my thoughts on reading other people’s blogs and how it made me feel or think or react.

I hope this isn’t true but..

Just saw this post over on Reddit from a writer sharing their experience about other writers in writing communities. What they had to say was so sad that it makes one think twice before sharing work online.

Other writers being mean to each other and putting each other down. I mean why would you even do that and how could you do that to another person? I don’t know how people online full of malice, hate and anger can do what they do. I imagine it must get so exhausting hating everyone all the time.

But as for writers online, I still don’t know how people can do it so easily. I feel uncomfortable about sharing as it is so whenever I do I’m fighting with the other part of me that’s yelling “Nòoooooo!” in my head.

When I share, it’s from the heart. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

My previous “life” as a writer/freelance journalist/blogger – Part I

This blog is probably the most accurate representation of who I am as a person. It’s not the “whole” picture obviously because there are some things I just don’t like blogging about or feel I should blog about. Everyone has to (or should) keep something just for themselves, right? If I want to get things off my chest, this is where I do it, but I do that when I feel like writing, not whenever something happens in my daily life (as some do). Not that I have an issue with anyone doing that of course, if you’re writing from the heart, that’s all that matters, irrespective of what you write/blog about. That’s the rule I try to adhere to, anyway.