Goal Setting Check-in #1 for 2022

Hi, there, friends and readers! Me again, coming at you with a catch-up post about goal setting or failure as the case may be. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried to reach SO many goals in the past, but you’ve struggled to complete them. You’ve started off with the best intentions;  you know what you need to achieve and have a good idea of how. But you’re still not reaching them. Why do you think that is?

I am no self-help guru, lol. In fact, it’s pretty funny considering how many times I’ve failed in the past. I tend to hit some goals but not every goal for various reasons – primarily lack of motivation and laziness. I will be blunt here. There is no fooling around with goal setting; it is SERIOUS business 😅. Well, it can be for some. I think I’ve mellowed out a lot over the years. And I don’t see goal setting the way I used to (which was do or die, lol). I’m happy to achieve one of my goals, let alone an entire list.

So this year, I created a goal-setting non-goal setting list to change things up a bit. So how far have I progressed since then? I “officially” started on January 02 this year. Here is my first post about it. And this is my list:

  1. Read more books – at this stage, I have like five books I am reading but never finishing. I don’t know why that is, but I seem to get distracted by other things easily. So this step is to at least finish FIVE books this year. Not that many, considering how many books I used to read (usually a book a week). I just stopped reading entirely, and I want to go back to enjoying reading again.
  2. Work on my fitness. Last year I was diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure), and I need to get fitter, even in small steps. I will buy a treadmill soon, and I’ll slowly track my progress.
  3. To care less about social media and more about the well-being of my family, myself and others. I want to become a better person in general.
  4. To formulate a plan for my writing and where I need or want to take it in future. This could even mean leaving my current job to pursue writing again, I’m not sure, but it’s a HUGE step which is why I need to make a plan with smaller steps to work through so I can achieve it. This goal might take more than a year to put in place; I just can’t confirm that yet. It’s definitely a super-goal I need to break down into smaller steps.

So far, I have worked exceptionally hard towards the first goal, and I’ve read two books since then and a comic. I’ve reviewed the star wars book and the comic here and the non-fiction graphic design book over on my writing/book reviewing blog here.

With number two on the list, I started out walking a lot more, but when we (New Zealand) went back into “semi lock-down”, I lost motivation to continue that. I am still walking every day when I get the chance, but I’m not pushing myself very hard, and I know I can do better. So we’ll say that I’ve started that goal, and it’s currently a positive “work in progress”.

With number three on my list, “care less about social media, – I have failed terribly there. It will take a lot more effort than I initially anticipated to walk away from caring about social media. That said, though, my partner and I have a “no internet” rule after 6:30 pm each night, and we’ve never broken that once so far. So I feel like I am slowly contributing towards this goal but mostly indirectly.

I am also still cleaning up this blog, which ties into this goal. I accidentally deleted a whole lot of followers from my blog the other day, and I am slowly working my way through reinviting them back. SO SORRY if I deleted you, it was entirely by mistake, and I’ll get back to inviting you soon, so don’t worry if you see me following you again sometime soon, lol 🤣😝.

And finally, number four was to formulate a plan for my writing – there is an event that has impacted this goal in a big way which happened to me very recently. So, for now, planning to do anything with my writing is officially on hold. In a really short time, I managed to leave one of the websites I was writing for (as a reviewer) and get a new job, one I’ve wanted for a while. I couldn’t get this job last year because there were no openings. But a position opened up recently, and I was asked to apply by the team manager, and I got the job! To be clear, it’s not a full-time writing job, but it is a job that I actually want to do, so I feel terrific about it!

And now I am keen to hear all about your goal setting or achievements so far this year! And remember – IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW BIG or important the goal is because everything can be done in little steps. What’s important is that you take a step! Talk to you soon friends, hit me up in the comments where I’ll be hanging out to chat ☺️😊

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Life on the Darkside – Personal Post

So just when I decide to go back to more posts and better communication on this blog, I lose my internet connection for almost two days! 😅☹️ Let’s just say it was difficult for me to be without an internet connection because since we’re in level 3 lockdown still (and no way of coming out of it), nobody can go anywhere or do anything. So that meant I couldn’t work either, which some might think was a bonus lol but it definitely wasn’t.

Time went by super slowly, and it was frustrating. But at the same time, I didn’t like feeling like I had become addicted to the internet and that I couldn’t help feeling useless without it.

Anyway, I am BACK, thank goodness! And rearing to go (and write!) and talk about Star Wars. I also had an exciting thing happen before I lost my internet connection on Instagram – and it’s me “chasing” those stats again 😅

Also, I have job-related news, and it’s terrible ☹️😩🥺 but I think I am going to hold off on revealing what it is until I know for sure what it is. What I can say is we’re going through another restructure, and this time four of us will be losing our jobs/reinstated elsewhere. Yeah. More on that when I know more.

For now, I hope you are ALL keeping safe out there and staying productive! I miss you guys 😅

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Eight Years of Blogging on WordPress!

Yup that is what WordPress are telling me today – I have been blogging on this blog for eight years today! When I check my stats it’s a totally different story however and I didn’t write my first blog post on this blog until 2016. So I figured I must have signed up in 2013 and just didn’t use my blog until 2016 😂

I also didn’t really consider myself a blogger until around 2017 when I started to blog a lot more regularly. In 2016 I blogged exactly once😂 so that’s why I wouldn’t consider 2016 the year I “started” blogging. For me that was definitely 2017 because I started to feel like I wanted to blog and create something to hopefully share with other Star Wars fans.

My humble little blog has grown over the years into something I truly feel proud of. I’ve met some wonderful people on my journey and that in itself was worth it.

Think about your blogging journey. When did you start blogging and why did you start blogging? Hit me up in the comments as always dear friends! If I don’t see you there, I’ll catch you in the next one!

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Personal Post – Level Up Day

Hi Everyone 🙂 Just a small update today because I think I am coming down with a migraine and I just took my medication so hopefully, it’ll subside. But while I am still okay to write, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that follows me and reads my content. You guys are truly the best and I have met some awesome people through my blog. I don’t think we take the time to say “thank you” enough so I just wanted to say that.

Also it’s my “LEVEL UP” (birthday) tomorrow (FT called it this and I am adopting this saying now lol) so I’ll be posting tomorrow about the Star Wars stuff I bought today and one of the items is something I’ve wanted since I first saw it online so EXCITTTTTINGGG 🙂

Have a good rest of your weekend my friends and I’ll catch you all tomorrow or in the comments!

May the Force Be With You all – stay safe out there!

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Star Wars Fan Fiction – What Say You?

I’m really posting this because I am curious to see how many of my readers are avid fan fiction readers? I am talking just Star Wars this time around because this is a star wars blog. But if you are interested in star wars fan fiction or would be keen to read fan fiction on this blog, please let me know in the comments! I didn’t use a poll this time because my luck with using polls on this blog hasn’t been so great 🙁

Obviously, if the majority of people don’t want to read it, I definitely won’t post it – I like to keep my readers happy and I’m really just curious at this stage.

I haven’t personally done the star wars fanfic thing at all – I’ve written one very small part of a fanfic I started several years ago and stopped and I have never revisited it.

I know there are specific forums and websites for fanfic but I’ve never used them. If people are interested in fanfic I was thinking of posting some of the better ones here or at least recommending them to readers.

Being a writer first and foremost, you’d think that I would indulge in writing fanfic in a big way like a lot of star wars fans do. But I’ve just never been inspired enough to do that. I guess I’m okay with the films and books and comics to not want to go beyond that as a fan. Each to their own but I am genuinely interested in the topic and I am happy to feature authors on this blog. So if you know of any particularly good fanfics do drop me a line as well – my comments are always open!

Anywho, please do let me know in the comments what you think and I’ll catch you there or in tomorrow’s post!

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