Star Wars Is Poetry – Canon vs Legends and Youtini

Hi there Star Wars friends! I hope this week has been good for you,, and if not, well, the weekend is coming soon (already Saturday here in Aotearoa!) 😁

Since starting my new goals for the year, I’ve been slowly chipping away at several books, and I’ve spent some time trying to focus on Star Wars books.

My biggest reading obstacle is lack of time and too many distractions. I find that if I can’t focus for a few hours on reading, I’ll never read. So I’ve had to make a few adjustments. I’ve decided that it’s too tricky choosing a star wars book to read myself because there are just too many to choose from out there.

So I found Youtini again. I’ve known about the Youtini website for a while, but I just forgot it existed until today lol 😂 So, I will start going through the Youtini website to get me on track for more star wars reading. I might just follow one of their timelines to make it easier. Then I won’t have to sit there deliberating over what I want to read or should read.

Bearing in mind, though, I also include non-fiction books in my reading lists. I don’t want to just focus on star wars fiction as I enjoy reading non-fiction books. I haven’t checked, but I am guessing Youtini is fine if you want EU Canon and Legends timelines, but they might not cover non-fiction. But that’s okay. I think I can deal with the non-fiction book choices on my own. I just find the list of fiction books overwhelming.

So if you’re a big star wars book reader and you’re not sure what to read next, or you would like some random suggestions on what to read, Youtini is your best bet. Their website is quite impressive when you look at it. It’s basically like Wikipedia except for star wars books lol – their book lists are crazy-good!

Here’s the link to the Youtini website; if you feel the need to check it out. Or like me, you really need help deciding what to read next in the Star Wars universe.

Do you have any recommendations? I’ve been meaning to ask this question for some time because I’m genuinely interested in people’s favourite star wars books! Hit me up in the comments friends as always 😁🤍🤍❤️❤️


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