Who Is Darkside Creative?

This is the home (hub) of Darkside Creative, also known as Star Wars Creative.

I am a creative person and this blog is a reflection of the creativity I enjoy. On this site you will find I focus mostly on the Star Wars fandom which you can start reading about here.

I am also a budding graphic/digital designer. I review art tutorials from all over the internet for all levels with a focus on beginners. I also create star wars edits and cinemagraphs/motion art.

I’ve spent many years writing professionally as a freelancer for various video game websites, comic book websites and technology magazines. Nowadays I generally write about pop culture, star wars and film. You can visit my old articles over at Dork Side of the Force. You can read more recent articles (as of 2021) at KeithLovesMovies, Fanfare and others.

I’m mentioned in Wikipedia for my writing contributions (shameful plug).

If you’re here for the Star Wars Art, I love you and thank you for visiting! Firstly, unless otherwise stated, NONE of the art I feature here is my own. I like to enhance (animate) art created by others. I always pay respect to the original artist and creator whenever possible unless the creation is my own.

If you would like me to animate or edit something for you, please go here.


I DO NOT STEAL other people’s work or art or take credit for another person’s creation, and I am pretty staunch about it.


Disney/Lucas Arts and its affiliates own the characters ‘Kylo Ren’ and ‘General Hux’. I do not claim ownership of any characters herein other than those I have created myself.

If you see an image that should not be on this blog, please contact me immediately, and I will remove it ASAP.

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