Have a MERRY Star Wars Christmas With a Star Wars Xmas Lightsaber!🎅🎄

I saw this on IG from one of my favourite people to follow @geek_carl and was just AMAZED by it. Now I am trying to share that with every one of my favourite Star Wars people. In particular, @FT over here on WordPress.

Tell me you don’t want to go out and buy one of these right now lol 😄😁 The Star Wars Xmas Lightsaber from Santa Sabre!

Just a quick update, friends, not a lot more to tell you regarding Star Wars except THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT IS THIS MONTH!!! As you can probably gather, I am super-pumped to see it and discuss it. And review it with you all when it releases on 29/12/2021!

Got any Star Wars plans for Xmas or just general Xmas plans that you’re looking forward to? Want to share them with me? Please do and let me know what exciting things you’re getting up to this Christmas. Let me know in the comments as always (where I lurk, lol).

Now, who is going to buy this fantastic Star Wars Xmas Lightsaber?

Catch you in the comments or in my next post!

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Merry Christmas to All of My Readers and Friends!

To anyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday if you’re taking time off. I hope everyone gets to spend time with their loved ones which is the most important thing to do over the holiday period.

But to all those that do celebrate Christmas, stay safe, eat lots of glorious food, put aside your worries if you can and spend time with your loved ones. Have a happy and safe holiday period and spend time recharging your batteries for the new year to come!

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🎁🎁 May your stockings be full with lovely Christmas presents or money – lol 🤣 for some people that is all they want! Baby Yoda and I wish you all a Merry Star Wars Christmas ❄️❄️☃️☃️🎁🎁

Let me know how your Christmas went in your part of the world or how you’re spending any time off that you get – I’d love to hear your stories!

I am taking time off from work as I mentioned in an earlier post and I am choosing to dedicate as much of it to writing and creating 🙂 For anyone who is working through, I hope the days go quickly or you 😁😁

Until my next post (which might be later on today), catch you all then or in the comments!

Love from Julie in Aotearoa

Mere Kirihimete!

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The Christmas “Spirit”…

I don’t remember the last time I had an actual “proper” Christmas where there was a tree and presents and lots of people came around. My family has never really been the “get into the Christmas spirit” type of family. I blame this entirely on my Dad (RIP) who told us once that “Christmas was just another huge marketing ploy to suck people into spending money on crap they don’t need or with money they don’t have.” To be fair, he’s kinda right about that. The biggest retail time of the year (next to Black Friday) in my country is Christmas time. Everyone wants to get that last minute present they forgot, everyone wants to prove how much they love their family by getting them the perfect gift(s). Just like valentines day, I don’t buy gifts for my partner and he doesn’t buy gifts for me. We buy gifts for everyone else. I like to make other people happy. I don’t need a gift from the person I love the most to prove anything. We buy things all year round that we want, Christmas and Valentines Day are just another day on the calendar.