Flowers for Algernon – get the tissues ready fam!

I am making a quick update because I have run into some technical issus with my Authy 2FA application on my phone. This has caused several problems because for some reason the account hasn’t synced correctly since the 23rd of June. But anyyywayyy, you probably don’t really care much about 2FA 😂

I have made some progress on the Flash Fiction side of things – not much, but some. I am still reading about how to write flash fiction but it seems to me that every article I read seems to say the same thing which is basically write, then edit and cut everything down as much as possible and then edit again. Great. A lot of editing involved, no real clue as to what is good technique. I am seeing fiction for all sorts of things, all sorts of word counts as well.

I also decided to read really quickly Flowers for Algernon. This was not on my list, I read it today when a friend told me that “this story will screw you up”… let me say that WHO in their right mind could write a story so sad and depressing and just… ugh. I am not saying the writing is bad, quite the opposite. I haven’t felt that depressed about a book in some time. If you want something to make you feel hopeful and then drop you off the side of a bridge, read Flowers for Algernon… that should deliver nicely.

Here’s a link and it’s virus free if you want to read it. I may write a review for it possibly because its so good.


I have discovered Flash Fiction!

I don’t consider myself behind with the times, in fact, I actually think of myself as entirely up to date with the trends, or at least I thought I was. But after reading about Flash Fiction and being introduced to it by one of my readers’ Emily, I am absolutely in awe of this creation. Why did I not find out about this sooner? I just don’t know, it’s definitely something I am interested in because as I mentioned in previous posts, I don’t see myself ever writing a novel. Maybe saying that is putting the thought in my head that I could never write a book, and well, I am really okay with that. But Flash Fiction is something that could definitely work for me.

I feel so excited about this new thing, but at the same time, I am trying to curb my excitement a bit because of that whole “eyes too big for my stomach” thing I blogged about… I don’t want to take on more than I can commit to or physically do. I’ve talked about a lot of “projects” before that never saw the light of day – I even seriously considered Wattpad as a place for my fiction writing to live (other than here, of course). But I created a profile, and for two weeks, I stared blankly at my profile page without typing a single word. I did the same thing at AO3 with the sincerest of goals to release my hidden Star Wars fan fiction ideas on the world and just didn’t. I’ve thought about why I do this, and I honestly think that’s something for another post because… Flash Fiction!

I’m going to do a little more reading, I think before I start or write anything or label anything “flash fiction”. I already have ideas, and today, I spent a day off work looking after my Mum, and during the time when she was sleeping, I came up with at least three different ideas for fiction that I could really enjoy writing. So ideas are not the problem. I suspect fear is, yet again, the boogeyman under my fingertips, stopping me from doing anything with my writing.

It’s something new, I know, but I think I could actually do this. A new adventure lies ahead!

To be continued…