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Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Unscripted Moment in The Last Jedi

This little behind the scenes tidbit really hit me in the heart a little. As anyone that follows this blog knows my love for Luke Skywalker knows no bounds. And reading this just really made me tear up a little…

This tidbit was quoted and sourced from Readers Digest and confirmed by Luke Skywalker himself via Twitter:

If it isn’t obvious by now, Hamill has a lot of affection for the Star Wars franchise, and his late co-star Carrie Fisher. A scene they share in The Last Jedi during which Luke places a kiss on Leia’s forehead was just perfect for fans, but wasn’t in the script! “(It was) an emotionally charged day on set filming this because, knowing he was about to sacrifice his life for the greater good, Luke was saying goodbye…forever,” he tweeted. “The kiss was unscripted and spontaneous in the moment, summarizing his/my feelings in a way words could never have conveyed.”

And the scene in question now has so much more meaning for me than it did:

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