Star Wars Advertising – The Master and The Maestro

Anyone that follows me on IG will have seen this image already – I had never seen this image before so it was quite exciting seeing it posted on Twitter.

Checking out the image on Google Reverse Image search confirms what I thought – that this is an OLD advertisement from 1988. It’s apparently a Japanese Panasonic ad (I guess that’s why there is a floating Panasonic camera next to George Lucas 🤣)

I am wondering if my newly connected friend over at TVTA has seen this or knows anything about it? There isn’t a lot to go on online either.

Image via Twitter

Either way, I just love it – there is something so weird about it that you can’t help but stare. And the floating effect is pretty damn cool for 1988 as well!

What do you think? Have you seen any Star Wars advertising that looks interesting like this? Anything you haven’t seen before? I am sure there are dozens of ads out there that I have never seen for Star Wars merchandise. I mean nobody really uses their Television for, well, TV do they?

Anywho, let me know what you think in the comments as always. Please stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post!

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