Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker – Dark Side Rey

Okay, so I don’t think I got very much work done today because I was distracted so much by the new TRoS sizzle reel. I have a friend at work who fangirls almost as much as I do over Star Wars and Marvel so we spent more time than we should have to debate all manner of topics regarding TRoS.

One thing I’ve seen a lot of people talk about is obviously Dark Side Rey. Search this topic on any social media platform, and you’ll see hundreds if not thousands of posts about this. Everyone wants to know what is going on in that scene, of course, we do because it’s Rey and she is the protagonist. Some fans think it’s just part of a vision and therefore not that important to the plot of the film. Some fans think it’s much more than that and have gone so far into depth trying to pick it apart. Reading through some of these “theories” I came across a post on Tumblr that mentions the ring Rey is wearing, which is of particular significance. Some say it’s an exact replica of Snoke’s ring that he wore on the Supremacy except black, not gold. I didn’t even notice the ring, but it’s definitely there:


I really don’t know what to think about this scene. It’s possible that it is a force vision but the only reason why I don’t agree is because Kylo Ren told Rey that he saw her turn in his vision of her just like she said she saw him turn in hers in The Last Jedi. What if Kylo Ren ends up being the one who turns to the light to save Rey who has turned to the dark side? What if it’s reverse Anidala just like all the fans have been saying all along and the words we hear Luke saying in the voice over aren’t to Rey but to Ben? I love this theory, I will not lie. It’s my favourite plot theory so far and I’ve read and heard dozens of them. I have to give credit to J J Abrams though for even daring to go there with Dark Side Rey. It’s such a gutsy move showing the heroine of the story is just as susceptible to the dark side as anyone else. Even if it is only a force vision, I am down for this in every way possible.

Here’s a GIF I made of that entire scene because I loved it so much!


The Strength of Luke Skywalker

This post idea came to me as I was updating my Tumblr account and noticed a GIF set taken from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I suddenly became so aware of Luke’s suffering and strength in this one particular scene. If you haven’t seen Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, please leave my blog RIGHT now and go watch it – no, seriously! It is one of my favourite Star Wars movies for many reasons but for this post, I’d like to focus on something that I’ve been arguing ever since the writers decided to turn Luke into a crazy old Hermit in The Force Awakens.

In this scene, we see a battered, weary, suffering Luke Skywalker who has faced quite possibly the worst thing in the universe you could face as a protagonist. Your very own father is literally the embodiment of all that is evil, and you’ve just faced him in an epic duel and lost monumentally. If that weren’t enough, you’ve also lost your hand, the support of your friends is half a galaxy away and you’re really at the lowest possible place both physically and psychologically. Just look at Luke’s expression. He’s just done and I mean done.




Now consider this is the same man that becomes Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens. People who find themselves in this situation in their lives usually never recover. Some choose to give in altogether because all is lost. And who could blame them? Luke Skywalker however, takes that fear, hurt and pain to a different place and calls on his strength in the Force to save him. Is this the action of a beaten, downtrodden man who is running and hiding from his fears?

If that isn’t enough of an argument, not only does Luke recover but he eventually becomes a Jedi Knight like he promised he would. He completes his training with Grand Master Yoda and faces his father one last time in the epic Original Trilogy finale, Return of the Jedi. In the final moments, Luke refuses to give into the dark side (no small feat), forgives his father and allows Darth Vader to truly fulfil his destiny as The Chosen One and come back to the light as Jedi Anakin Skywalker once more.




And this is why I will never agree with how the writers took the essence of everything Luke represented in the Star Wars universe and kinda spat on it. Maybe he was redeemed at the end (well, that is what some of my friends think) and the way he passed on was beautiful and all that. But it still doesn’t excuse how he was dragged through the mud first.


Star Wars is Poetry – The Legacy of the Jedi


“Qui-Gon was not in touch with Count Dooku. He had not expected to be. Their relationship had not been based on friendship. It had been one of teacher and student. It was natural that they should not be in each other’s lives. It would be different with Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon thought. He saw ahead to the days when Obi-Wan would be a Jedi Knight, and he would like to be part of that

The Legacy of the Jedi, by Jude Watson

This reiterates the different type of relationships that Jedi are allowed to share openly as Master and Padawan. But in this situation, it is the fall of the Master, not the apprentice so quite a different dynamic as Jedi Dooku was the apprentice of Yoda and in turn, became a Jedi Master to Qui Gon Jinn. Continue reading → Star Wars is Poetry – The Legacy of the Jedi

So many questions about the Star Wars Episode IX Teaser


So if you haven’t yet seen the trailer (I’m sorry but are you living under a rock, friend?) here it is in its entirety:

And if you did not see the SWCC panel at all, you probably won’t know that Ian McDiarmid came on at the very end for a teaser trailer encore and the crowd went absolutely wild! Of course, I was huddled in front of my screens, with my hands partly over my mouth and chest-clapping quietly to myself because it was 5 am in the morning. I really didn’t want to hold in my excitement and tears and general fan-girlyness, but I also didn’t want to wake up my soundly sleeping partner in the opposite room. Continue reading → So many questions about the Star Wars Episode IX Teaser

Star Wars Meta – Should Ben Solo/Kylo Ren be redeemed? No freakin’ way!

My question of the day is for Star Wars fans specifically because well, this is a Star Wars blog so yeah. I’ve been all over the internet in search of the fandom answer for this question because I wanted someone to be able to dissuade me from answering that question with a resounding “No” or to at least give me something more than “but he’s so pretty” or “but Reylo” or “but it’s Star Wars”. Truth be told, nothing is set in stone, but I’m also not oblivious to the fact that this is Disney and Star Wars and Lucas made this franchise to include children, their dollies and their pets. Continue reading → Star Wars Meta – Should Ben Solo/Kylo Ren be redeemed? No freakin’ way!