The Evolution of Boba Fett

I saw this tweet on my time line and I just couldn’t ignore it because it was so good – plus I am kind of in a bit of a Boba Fett celebration right now because why not?

So what do you think Boba Fett has been doing all this time? Do you think he has been posing as a Tusken Raider? That would be the perfect way to lay low and off everyone’s radar. Pretty smart if you ask me.

And what does it mean for a Mandalorian to lose their armour? Because we know that the armour of a Mandalorian is one of their most important possessions and they cannot ever give it up. And the Beskan steel is sought after the universe over. The only conclusion I can come to is that when Boba Fett was accidentally thrown into the Sarlacc pit, he had to remove his armour to escape it and somehow the Sarlacc spat it up and the Jawa’s found it on their travels through Tatooine. What do you think about this theory? Possible or no?

Let me know your thoughts friends as I am always keen to talk star wars with my dear readers!

As always stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post or in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “The Evolution of Boba Fett

  1. I think your theory is a good one. Or he climbed out somehow and then went unconscious, when the Jawas came and stripped him of the armor. I think being disguised as a Tusken is a good guess. It’s all so mysterious, I can’t wait to find out more!

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  2. Hi Julie, that seems a plausible set of events. If a Sarlacc digests it’s food over a thousand years that indicates that it’s stomach acid isn’t very strong/effective so Boba was able to survive. It is also possible the Sarlacc ejected the armour as it “left a bad taste”. Hiding as a Tusken soumds even more likely and remember the gentleman seen in the last picture you posted has a Gaderffi (Gaffi) stick slung across his back above the rifle!

    And an interesting Tusken Raider fact…do you know where the Tusken Raider’s voice effect comes from when one attacks Luke in ANH? Watch the Laurel and Hardy movie Way Out West and near the end of the film the hapless pair attempt to get into their hotel by climbing up the wall to a balcony. They use a Donkey to help hoist Ollie using a rope and pulley but they have an accident which leads to Ollie falling into the storm basement and the Donkey gets launched onto the balcony where you can hear it braying….listen very carefully and you’ll hear the Tusken screech! (Ben Burtt used a portion of the sound and repeated it to get the “Yar, Yar, Yarrr!” noise)
    So you can hear for yourself fast forward to the 52min mark in the clip and press play – Stan and Ollie are hushing each other to be quite then the Donkey calls out….

    Hopefully the link works.


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