Star Wars: Eclipse Lucasfilm Cinematic Trailer!

I could feel the excitement when I watched this clip for the second time a few minutes ago. It has only just come out as far as I know but it’s already got some serious interest from the fandom:


Yes, it’s Yoda… OMG!

FOR ANYONE who is interested in the High Republic, Star Wars Eclipse is probably going to be your dream come true! Here is a blurb taken from the official website:

If you want more information there is both a press kit here and a fan kit here. In the fan kit, there are social media banners for most major social media apps and really nice desktop wallpapers as well as avatars (profile images) for Twitter/Instagram etc. It’s pretty cool!

Star Wars™ Eclipse

lets you play as a diverse cast of charismatic characters, each with their own story, abilities, and role to play in the tapestry of events that could alter the carefully balanced peace of the Outer Rim.

Star Wars Eclipse

Choices have consequences

Every decision you make can have dramatic repercussions on your journey. The way of life in the Outer Rim is being threatened and you must define your path.

WHAT do you think about this announcement people? Sound off in the comments, this is beyond exciting am I right?

Catch you in my next post or hopefully, in the comments ☺️😁

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