Star Wars Episode IX – The First Order gets a Red Super Trooper!

Okay, I don’t know if they’re super troopers but it sounded pretty cool so that’s my excuse. Check out these images via milner’s blog of the new Red First Order trooper helmets that he put together (these are not official images, but Carl Milner did a great job with these mock ups)

Elite Red Trooper:


And the Elite Red Death Trooper


What do you think? The red colour is certainly a whole lot more threatening than white ever was – although the stormtroopers in general are really overlooked a lot more than they should be. I remember seeing the stormtrooper for the first time and it scared the heebee jeebees out of me 🤣


2 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode IX – The First Order gets a Red Super Trooper!

  1. Hi Xen, as you may have seen on my site I have a few lightsaber designs based on the Stormtrooper characters…and a bit of an exclusive here….I have already designed a new hilt based on these troopers from the “709th Squad The Red Fury” I’ll be posting it soon!
    And yes, I kinda like the red scheme (even though I am a Jedi and like green 😀 )

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