Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Review – Adding Grain to an Image

If you’re new to photoshop and you’re wanting to check out tutorials at a beginner level, you’ve come to the right place! You can find my tutorial review series on Adobe Photoshop for Beginners right here.

Today’s tutorial review is also for beginners but is not part of the beginners tutorial series. So I recommend staring with the beginner’s series first.

I will be reviewing this tutorial from the Envato Tuts website and we’ll be using a photo effect filter called “grain” to create an artistic filter to an otherwise bland image.

You may find the tutorial asset here if you wish to follow along.

There is both a video tutorial and a step-by-step written instruction on the website here.

The first thing I noticed that might throw a spanner in the works for some is the use of asset site Twenty/20. In order to use this exact asset for this tutorial you will need access to that site. As far as I know it’s free but I am already an Envato Plus member which means access is included in my membership. If you want to check out how to become a member of Envato Plus, you may do that right here.

The tutorial itself is basic and straightforward to follow. The tutor is clear in his instruction and there are no “surprise” steps coming out of nowhere or issues with assets. Everything you’ll need for this basic tutorial is provided at the start.

The tutor explains every step in detail including why you will be creating a “smart object” when adding filters and what that means for editing your image.

Final Summary:


No PSD offered or required

Tutor: Jonathan Lam

Time: I reckon for complete beginners this will take around 15 minutes but for anyone else intermediate level and above you could do it in five.

Level: Beginner

Rating: 9/10

And my final image:

Let me know if you’ve used this tutorial, joined Envato Plus or if you have any questions about this tutorial or any tutorial on my blog!

Stay safe out there and as always, keep creating and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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