Star Wars Skywalker Saga Watch and Review Blog Series Coming Soon!

Remember way back in June when I was giddy over buying and finally receiving the 4K disc version of the entire Skywalker Saga? Well, we’ve finally started watching them and we’ve decided to work our way backwards from the sequel trilogy. With the recent announcements from the Disney Investor day, I’m really hyped about things in the fandom once again and I haven’t properly reviewed the films or ranked them as yet.

So I am going to take these movies apart (in a good way) and review everything on the bonus disks that came with this beautiful set of media. Here’s a quick image of what I am talking about (if you have this collection, please let me know and maybe we can talk about it in a guest post or something?)

So yes, there are 27 discs in this collection all upgraded to be watched on 4K supported devices which is one of the reasons I wanted to buy it (it’s the first time this has been done officially). And we received our PS5 the other day so now I can actually review these properly in the way they were intended.

I’ll also be reviewing them for my movie/streaming TV series website for our podcast so it’s going to be so exciting! We watched The Rise of Skywalker last night and I have to say I was somewhat less enthusiastic than I expected to be – but more on that later on when I start my reviews.

So just a quick one today to catch up and let you know what I’m up to in the galaxy far, far away!

Stay safe out there my friends, keep creating and watching and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post or in the comments!

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    1. Ah thank you πŸ™‚ So I have some ideas for our post – do you have an email address I can send the ideas to so you can take a look and maybe update the list with your ideas? Let me know πŸ™‚

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