What Is Your Favourite Star Wars Cinematic Universe Moment?

This is going to be a brief post but I was just wondering if you had to choose ONE moment from the Star Wars Cinematic Universe (this includes the TV/Streaming shows as well) what would it be and WHY did you choose it?

You can only choose one – I know this is going to be hard for everyone but I only want your absolute favourite moment.

Can anyone guess what mine would be?

Let me know in the comments people, this post is about YOU and I’m dying to know all of your wonderful answers to my very difficult question – feel free to use GIFs, images or whatever you want.

Catch you in the comments – can’t wait to see your answers 🥰🥰

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8 thoughts on “What Is Your Favourite Star Wars Cinematic Universe Moment?

  1. Great question! For me, I would say that it’s the moment Luke finds the good that was dormant in Anakin. Luke says that he’ll save his father and Anakin replies: “you already have”. It concludes the rise and fall of Vader and shows that nobody is beyond redemption. It’s a really beautiful scene. What about yours?

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    1. Oh yeah, that’s definitely one of the greatest scenes in the trilogy but my favourite is the scene where Luke’s theme plays for the very first time when he is still on Tatooine and Luke walks out onto the sand and faces the binary sunset. That scene has always moved me and its the first one I remember when I think about seeing it for the first time. That scene said so much to me without Luke saying anything and the music made me cry so it’s very special to me 🙂

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  2. Wow, that’s tough. If I had to pick one, I’d probably say the conversation between Han and Ben Solo. The whole “Dad…” “I know” scene. It really did move me to tears the first time I saw it. Han Solo was my first Star Wars crush, and I was so devastated when Kylo killed him. Ooh, I HATED Kylo in TFA. I didn’t think I’d ever forgive him. But then something happened, and I was really rooting for his redemption. And I know it’s only a vision of Ben’s, but if Han can forgive him, then I can. That whole scene really gets me in the feels.

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    1. Yeah I cried at that scene too, and I get teary whenever I see it. It’s a hard one to ignore for sure. I didn’t know Han Solo was your star wars crush 🙂 That’s awesome and makes total sense why it’s your favourite 🙂

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      1. Haha yeah well I doubt we’ll see much of Han going forward but you’re going to get a treat with the new Obi-Wan series 😀 we all are omg so excited hehe 🙂

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