Star Wars Rumours – Ray Park to Reprise His Role as Darth Maul?

You know the drill about rumours, and this one is PRETTY AMAZING if it turns out to be true. The only reason I think this could be a thing is that Ray Park posted this on his Instagram account, AND it was captioned with “Pinewood Studios”. Isn’t that where they are currently in production for the Kenobi series? I have yet to confirm this, this is me guessing at this stage, but I’ll go on the hunt later today on my lunch break and see what I can find out. Some websites are putting it down as confirmation that Darth Maul will return in Kenobi, but until a reputable source reports on this, it’s just rumour at this stage.

Check out Ray Park’s Instagram pic:

Via Ray Park on IG

Let me know what you think of these rumours in the comments, friends, and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post or in comment land. 😁

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8 thoughts on “Star Wars Rumours – Ray Park to Reprise His Role as Darth Maul?

    1. It just seems a bit strange that all of a sudden Ray Park is gearing up as Darth Maul again at Pinewood Studios lol. I mean I can’t think of any other reason other than Kenobi; – but if that’s the truth OMG that is going to be AMAZING for the story. Imagine if Darth Maul and Vader meet?? It has been a huge thing for fans for a long time, people wishing they would get these two to face-off against each other and I am totally in support of this. I predict yes this will happen and the internet will, once again, stop working due to so many fans going nuts over it online πŸ™‚

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