Star Wars The High Republic – Avar Kriss’s Metamorphosis

I was inspired by Tina’s post here about Avar Kriss and then did some digging to find that there are many redesigns for the principle protagonist for The High Republic books and comics.

In Tina’s post, there are several renditions of what Avar Kriss with some key elements that remain the same such as her hair colour. Not so sure about the eyes, though.

If you haven’t yet seen this featurette on The High Republic highlighting Avar Kriss, you can check it out below:

Via Star Wars on YouTube

It’s interesting to see just how different Avar Kriss looks in this video compared to some of the earliest images released for her in the comics and books:

Animated by Darkside Creative

And then there are fan-made redesigns which I actually like a whole lot, particularly this one:

Art by Steven Wayne

And finally, a couple of GIFs I made from the featurette of their rendition of Avar Kriss:

GIF made by Darkside Creative
GIF by Darkside Creative

But my ultimate overall favourite image was one Tina found, and I am pretty sure it’s not a variant cover but an artist’s rendition, maybe. I did manage to decipher the artist, though, which I think is “mayhew” on the image itself:

Art by Mike Mayhew

And yes, I finally found him – his name is Mike Mayhew, and he is a comic book artist – and REALLY good at what he does. His Deviant Art page is here. And the image above was uploaded to Reddit and Facebook and says that it’s the #4 variant cover of Star Wars The High Republic Volume One. I checked that on the Star Wars Fandom website, which is usually a great source for finding books and comic books and their variant covers, but it’s not showing there. Sometimes artists make their own version of a comic book cover, so at this point, I think this isn’t official (yet). It might be, but I can’t confirm it anywhere.

If you find this information, please let me know to update my post and correct it.

My favourite is by Mike Mayhew, and I also love what they did with Avar Kriss in the animated featurette.

How are you finding The High Republic books and comics? Check out Tina’s website for more information on the books as she is (I think) working her way through and reviewing them.

Have anything to add about The High Republic? Let me know in the comments. I am always lurking somewhere. 😎😁

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars The High Republic – Avar Kriss’s Metamorphosis

  1. I was kind of wondering if that last image was official or just a fan rendition. It does’t seem like an “official” look that Star Wars would actually go with (though it’s beautiful). I’ve seen all of these and like them all, though I’m not a huge fan of the Steven Wayne renditions. The Avar Kriss one is fine, but I really don’t like the other characters he’s done. They seem way over the top, lol. Thanks for mentioning me in your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries πŸ™‚ I liked this one but I do see what you mean about Steven Wayne lol… I think I remember seeing his image a while back and was like “lol is this star wars or barbie” πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah agree but at least the version I like isn’t showing any skin lol which I am totally surprised about to be honest – that is the worst thing too. One reason why I really don’t like the way female superheros are portrayed in today’s comic and animated mediums. Some artists are fine but others draw them so ridiculously out of proportion. Some of the Japanese manga and anime is even worse lol

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