Star Wars fans; will they ever get along?

I do not identify with any one-star wars fandom group. I am not a “reylo” supporter nor am I anti reylo. I don’t think any trilogy is necessarily better than any other. I am a Star Wars fan without boundaries. I choose to love it all, come what may. Which is why I guess I never felt like I belonged on social media because I never really agreed with any particular group.

I think it’s sad when something you love turns on itself because people believe what they have to say is right and therefore everyone else is wrong. That’s just silly because nobody but the creators can have that honour and even then, they probably wonder about it.

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I’ll know about the roster tomorrow

Our meeting is set for 1.30pm. I don’t think my hours will be changing but I guess we’ll see….

I just told a work mate “No”

And it feels good 😀 😁

Star Wars is Poetry – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Revenge of the Sith (2005) (Star Wars: Novelizations #3)  




by Matthew Woodring Stover, George Lucas (Story & Screenplay)

Be prepared because my melancholia knows no bounds tonight. And what better way to share my feelings than with Star Wars? 🤗

“Anakin.” Obi-Wan’s voice had gone soft, and his hand was warm on Anakin’s arm. “There is no other Jedi I would rather have at my side right now. No other man.”

Anakin turned, and found within Obi-Wan’s eyes a depth of feeling he had only rarely glimpsed in all their years together, and the pure, uncomplicated love that rose up within him then felt like a promise from the Force itself.

“I… I wouldn’t have it any other way, Master.”

Can we talk about how beautiful this is please?

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To my recent followers – I just wanna put this out there…

I’ve had a small insurgency of followers to my little blog of late, and when that happens, I like to write an update post to clarify what my blog is all about.

First and foremost, I thank anyone that has taken the time to click on the follow button. It means the world to me.

However, while I love seeing my readership increase, I don’t want anyone following me for the wrong reasons. Is there a wrong reason? Well, yes if you’re looking to support a blog for specific things or specific content. So I feel I need to clarify this for all my new readers and anyone else that may not be sure of what my blog is about. Continue reading → To my recent followers – I just wanna put this out there…