Welcome Back Star Wars The Old Republic!

You can probably tell by the title of my post that I’ve started playing Star Wars The Old Republic once more. To be honest, I never really left. I took a little break and then resubscribed again, and I’ve been playing off and on since then. But I’ve started to really get back into the trading side of the game once more, and I would like to start up the Armour posts I used to do way back when I was mildly obsessed with collecting armour sets (which apparently is still very much a thing).

To celebrate my return to the game, I managed to get hold of this beautiful armour set which is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen in a long time – The Darth Malgus Reborn set. It also looks just as good on the female character models as the male which is a huge bonus:


I also have the original set, but this one comes with a full faceplate and the rebreather which I am wearing in this image.

One thing I did notice that kind of saddened me a little is that quite a few of the sites I used to frequent for armour-related updates and Cartel Market item information have basically ceased to exist. I used to frequent Dulfy dot net because she was one of the only people that played SWTOR that was 100 per cent up to date with all the Cartel Market items. Nobody knows where she went, she just stopped posting updates some time ago. And the other site I used to frequent which was TOR fashion is also pretty much non-existent. I guess the owners had more important things to do in life (quite understandable) and/or just lost interest (again very reasonable).

I don’t really know the state of the game at all and I haven’t done any research into it either. All I know is that quite a few of the mainstays of the community have stopped participating. Perhaps a sign of the times? I don’t know, but I’m going to keep chugging along and updating when time allows. I don’t want to adhere to a schedule because I don’t know how much time I can commit to playing. But I’m happy for now.


Yesterday, I had a star wars micro meltdown

I don’t know if it was just the overwhelming day I had with all the star wars stuff and my over-excitement that caused it but I ended up on my bed after work crying uncontrollably. Today I am not at work, as you can probably guess. So the whole deal with star wars (if you haven’t already read about this) is my dad got me into star wars when I was a kid and I have never looked back. It was one of his passions and then became mine. So my link to the whole skywalker saga is a direct link to my dad. In my head, that is how I see it and in my heart, how I feel about it. So to admit that the whole saga is now coming to an end was a little too much for me, I think.

Even writing this I feel sad and I have tears. Yep, a grown woman crying about a fictional universe – pretty pathetic, right? I know there are other reasons which I’ll blog about on my writing blog becuase it relates directly to that. But I feel very alone and lost right now. And I miss my dad something awful…

THE LAST trailer for the Skywalker Saga has dropped!

Yes, people. It is with a sad and heavy heart that I say these words but the final trailer for the Skywalker Saga is now doing the rounds on social media. I’ve been frantically trying to make edits to get them up as soon as possible because THIS trailer is absolutely magnificent.

You will be able to see if you visit my blog that I’ve also added some of the new trailer footage of Kylo Ren to my blog and what a beautiful GIF it is! I have waited so patiently for this moment and now it is here and I don’t really know how I feel about it.


I was so excited today to buy my tickets (I got the best seats and managed to buy tickets for two sessions!) and I was so nervous for the new trailer but now that I am home and I am able to reflect upon it, I feel an overwhelming sense of melancholy knowing there will never be another trailer for the Skywalker saga ever again.

I am going to think a bit more about this and I’ll probably be blogging quite a fair bit about the new content and hopefully, time permitting, I’ll be able to make some nice edits as well.

For now, I have made two, one I edited for my blog and the other is just as magnificent – Kylo Ren emerging from the ocean spray as if he materialized from the sea itself! This movie looks like one of the most beautiful Star Wars films and I just can’t wait to celebrate it with you all!


Star Wars Movies: What are the top fan-favourite duels?



This was my very first article for Dork Side of the Force. I wanted to write something that was appealing to every fan rather than a specific post that focused on one particular aspect of the fandom. I am pretty sure almost every star wars blogger has blogged about their favourite star wars duels, so I figured it was my time to follow in their footsteps 😀

Here is a snippet from the article:

“Light versus Dark, Jedi against Jedi, father against son. If you had to choose one, which duels from the star wars movie franchise would be your favourite?

In no particular order, here are the top five duels from the Star Wars movies that we think most fans vote as the best and why”.

Please go here to read the rest of this article and support your favourite Star Wars blog!😀

Let me know what you think your favourite duels are from the Star Wars franchise and why?


I’m going to start showcasing my work over at Dork Side!

I’ve decided that I’m going to start showcasing my writing for Dork Side of the Force here because it’s Star Wars and it’s relevant. That way, my readers can keep up to date on anything I write there (as I am not allowed to duplicate or copy any articles I write for them as part of my agreement). I will only be blogging snippets of the article so you will need to visit the site to read the rest if you’re interested. But I’ve decided I need to take a more hands-on approach to promote my own writing and to do that, I need to be proactive and start using the tools I already have.

In the meantime, have another Kylo Ren edit for The Rise of Skywalker. 😁



TRIPLE Force Friday has arrived!

So my relationship with buying Star Wars collectibles is a little patchy at best. Last year I was so unprepared for the Force Friday midnight sales that I missed out on buying the items I wanted. I was actually quite cut up about it and mulled around for days in a low mood. That is why this year I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for the sales. It’s a fierce world out there, people. If you want to collect, you need to bring your ‘A’ game to play with the big boys!

As I write this, I am recovering from a very bad night of almost no sleep and I was feeling a little unwell so I didn’t go to work today. But as soon as I start thinking about Star Wars, I suddenly feel entirely rejuvenated. I think it’s safe to say that Star Wars is in my veins and there is no way it’s ever going to leave.

So last night I managed to get almost everything I wanted including all of the First Edition Black Series release figures!! I am so over the moon about this. I honestly didn’t think of the First Edition stuff but it makes sense because some of those toys will be considered first edition because they’re brand new to the Star Wars franchise. Toys for The Mandalorian, Cal Kestis and the Second Sister from the Star Wars game Jedi Fallen Order – all first edition.

You do not want to know how much money I’ve spent today… it’s probably the most I’ve spent on figures for a long time. I have been patiently waiting for this day for months now and I am so glad it finally paid off.

The only thing is my partner doesn’t know how much I bought or spent yet 🤣 and I am lucky he likes Star Wars and supports my fangirling. I think I’ll be somehow putting this to the test when he sees how many figurines I bought 🤣


Some blog upkeeping for Darksider Confessions

Today I decided that I will be moving the topic of writing and all that entails to a new blog. It’s still with wordpress but I will be separating my writing posts from everything else I do here. Darkside Creative will still be home to all my other creative endeavours such as graphic design, Adobe, and of course, everything relating to Star Wars.

I just feel that this blog really has grown into something more than I expected and in doing so, it has moved slowly away from my first passion which is writing. I haven’t been able to do much with my writing here because I wanted this space to house my Star Wars experiences and everything I do with art. I just don’t think writing has a place here any more.

So if you wish to follow my writing blog, you can do so here – www.thebrokenquill.com.

That’s all I really have to say about that. I’ll understand if you unfollow me.

I have a whole heap of Star Wars edits and graphics to post which I’ll do bit by bit starting tomorrow.