Star Wars Fandom – Our Star Wars Stories

Hi, de Hi everyone! I hope the week is going well for you so far! I’ve had some time to spend thinking about posts for the blog when I stumbled upon this awesome show called Our Star Wars Stories. Some of you may already know about this. I mean, it is old (released in 2018), but there is so much Star Wars content online it’s hard to keep track of everything.

If there is one thing that every fan will say about Star Wars, it’s that TRUE star wars is about the fans – and I’m not talking about the casual fans who are also great! But for some people, Star Wars goes beyond just being a fan – it touches some people on a fundamental level that changes their lives. This video series is about those fans who have dedicated their lives to loving Star Wars and people who have special stories to tell the world.

(And for the record, I think everyone’s star wars story is worth telling, but I guess for the sake of the TV show, they had to focus on particular people)

I thought this was an amazing idea and a great way for other star wars fans to celebrate the positivity of being part of this amazing fandom.

So take a seat, kick off your shoes, sit back and get ready to be transported into the realm of the Star Wars fandom like you’ve never seen before – check the trailer below. The YouTube channel is here for anyone who wants to see more individual stories (18 in total).

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