Have a MERRY Star Wars Christmas With a Star Wars Xmas Lightsaber!🎅🎄

I saw this on IG from one of my favourite people to follow @geek_carl and was just AMAZED by it. Now I am trying to share that with every one of my favourite Star Wars people. In particular, @FT over here on WordPress.

Tell me you don’t want to go out and buy one of these right now lol 😄😁 The Star Wars Xmas Lightsaber from Santa Sabre!

Just a quick update, friends, not a lot more to tell you regarding Star Wars except THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT IS THIS MONTH!!! As you can probably gather, I am super-pumped to see it and discuss it. And review it with you all when it releases on 29/12/2021!

Got any Star Wars plans for Xmas or just general Xmas plans that you’re looking forward to? Want to share them with me? Please do and let me know what exciting things you’re getting up to this Christmas. Let me know in the comments as always (where I lurk, lol).

Now, who is going to buy this fantastic Star Wars Xmas Lightsaber?

Catch you in the comments or in my next post!

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One thought on “Have a MERRY Star Wars Christmas With a Star Wars Xmas Lightsaber!🎅🎄

  1. You called M’lady? Thanks for the heads up on this. I will be honest though and say I have seen Santa on the Lightsaber Owners Group page on Facebook. a few days back. It is impressive though. My newest lightsaber from Padawan Outpost has Xenopixel LED technology like this candy cane has but sadly my saber is only programmed to display a rainbow effect but in a future update it might get a new special effect installed to replicate this. I’ll just have to stop myself from trying to eat it!

    p.s. and am I a tag now? The @FT? Cool!


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