SWCU – The Book of Boba Fett S01 Episodes 3 – 4 Reviewed


I just watched episode four, so this will be a combination review of episodes three and four.


Let’s start with episode three! It was not the best episode because it was slower than the others, but it was also really emotional. Our man Boba has really changed since his bounty hunter days. I am guessing the time he spent in the Sarlacc pit really affected him because he has definitely gone a little soft. I am not saying this is a bad thing – on the contrary! Boba Fett (at least in this iteration) is a much more well-rounded person than he ever was in the OT. It’s almost like seeing a different person because they (the writers) gave him feelings.


The fandom seems to be really split on these new developments in Boba Fett’s personality. Some fans are happy about it because it shows a different side to Boba. And some are hating on these changes (visit the “Saltier Than Crait” subreddit, and you’ll see what I mean).

I’m all for it because I like to see characters fleshed out and connecting with their inner selves. I don’t expect Boba to start running around the dunes of Tatooine shouting to the sky like a crazy man or anything. But I think this whole change in his character caught me (and a lot of other fans) off guard a bit. And I think I like that. It shows the writers are willing to take any character to new heights (or lows, depending on your point of view). Plus, it gives Temuera Morrison room to grow into the character on a whole new level.


I still don’t know how I feel about the “Bubblegum gang”, otherwise known as the speeder gang that Boba hired. I don’t think they’re all that bad, but they’re definitely not my cuppa tea in a story like this. That said, though, who’s to say where this story will go? We’re all along for the ride, are we not?


And finally, DANNY F’N TREJO??!!! His cameo really helped dial the notch up in the action department, mainly when he delivered Boba a new Rancor for his palace – I mean, DUDES, it’s a bloody Rancor!! That’s a big deal, man, and I mean HUGE (considering Luke Skywalker killed the last one and all that). It’s pulling on the nostalgia quite a fair bit, but again, I like that.


And that brings us to episode four which was a lot more action-packed than the previous two, in my opinion. We get to see more flashbacks of Boba’s past, including how he picked up Fennec Shand. I enjoyed that segment because I like to fill in the gaps in stories. And Boba has some huge holes to fill in.

We just know that we’re heading into Mando territory now. SO EXCITING!! I mean, Boba Fett is making it pretty obvious that is where he’s headed next. And we already know that Din Djarin and Boba meet up, so it’s inevitable. But I am not gonna lie; I am super excited for the end of this season. Why? Because Ming Na Wen said that after the finale we will “see the book of boba fett in a whole new light”. So now that is all I want, NEED to see lol 😂


ALSO, CRAZZZZYY seeing Boba get his ship back, I mean, wow! That was super exciting to see. I was kinda hoping they’d show us how he got his ride back, and they did, so I am pleased about this episode. And I cannot wait for the rest! All of you nay-sayers BE GONE lol (jokes everyone has their own opinion, the more, the merrier!)

Thanks for reading, friends – let me know what you thought of the last two episodes so we can chat all about it. As usual, I will be hanging out in the comments, so hit me up!

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4 thoughts on “SWCU – The Book of Boba Fett S01 Episodes 3 – 4 Reviewed

    1. Yeah, I can understand why. The Boba Fett show has not lived up to the higher expectations the fandom had after the last season of the Mandalorian. I mean let’s face it, they won’t EVER top that ending for season two like EVER unless they try and 1-up that episode by featuring a cameo of someone equally as big as Luke. There aren’t that many characters in that timeline that could do that unless it was a flashback. We already know he sees Mando so that’s definitely coming 😀 well, I hope it is lol


      1. I’m starting to see this show as a bridge between Mando seasons two and three. Yes, it’s about Boba Fett, but I’m guessing we’ll also get a preview of what Din’s been up since Grogu left. And if he helps Boba now, I’m guessing Boba will help him with Mandalore or whatever is coming up on season 3.


      2. Yeah they are going to crossover so much now they’ve kinda set it all up to happen. It’s not really a spoiler when you know it’s coming lol


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